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Recommend a 777-300 Sim Platform

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Howdy All


I would appreciate the benefit of the wisdom and experience, particularly those of you who are across various sim platforms - FSX, P3D, XP10 etc with 777 configurations.


My background is extensive 777 experience with Emirates and Virgin Australia. I train in the aircraft, develop training and standards manuals and other content for my airline. Behind this I have a degree in Computer Science and 35 years of building and tinkering with computers. I ran MS Flt Sim when it was first released and it was the definitive test of a new PC. However I really haven't sim'd on my PC for 15 years or more (I get to play with bigger simulators these days) but recent events have driven me back to it. My airline currently has a full motion 777-300ER simulator but no fixed base procedural type training devices, and I'm casting my eyes around to see what I can recommend to students and young pilots transferring into the 777 to learn the procedures and systems to smooth their progress through full flight sim.


Accordingly I recently upgraded my home PC (I've been on a laptop for several years), bought FSX/Accel and PMDG 772/773 packs, based on a recommendation from a friend. At this point I have to say I'm stunned at the fidelity of the simulation. It's awesome. I've run three flights from push to park so far, thrown in some failures and other scenarios from the lesson plans we use in full flight, and I'm actually being appreciative when I say that what stands out most for me is the few things that differ from the aircraft I fly all the time. PMDG have done an amazing job.


At this point, I'm looking for the answer to two questions.


If you were to recommend a platform and installation to suit my purposes - would it be FSX/PMDG 777, or one of other solutions. I'm not so much after the external graphics, nor the "feel" of being able to fly the simulator (although they are a bonus) - I'm after the fidelity of the flight deck, the ability to switch and change things, run checklists, program and respond to non-normals, etc. I bought a copy of X-Plane 10 (but haven't installed it yet) and I'm starting to look at P3D after reading the forums. But it seems like FSX/PMDG have the edge in terms of the 777 at the moment?


Also, I'm also after the ability to change the configuration of the aircraft model itself. While not a show stopper - there are small configuration changes in the flight deck and a few of the systems (such as ECL) I'd like to see if I can make to get the simulation closer to the Virgin Australia B777-300ER I fly and teach. I've barely started to research how configurable the PMDG solution is, so I apologise for not having done my homework on this yet ...


In terms of aircraft options - how flexible are the PMDG (and other) solutions to modifying things such as EICAS messages, ECL checklist contents, etc?


Also - I've noticed a few anomalies in the aircraft that don't match my aircraft, or any 777 I've flown, and I suspect they're actually flaws in the simulation. Is there a mechanism to have these looked at, and how responsive are PMDG (and the other developers) to such suggestions?


Thanks in advance for any assistance. Meanwhile if anyone has any 777 questions that I may be able to assist with, please send them my way, and I'll do my best.


Regards, Ken Pascoe

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As far as fidelity, PMDG's 777200LR & 300ER package is what you want. There is a 777 model for xplane. But I doubt it's for you considering your needs. Not enough is simulated in the plane- no where near the amount PMDG simulates. If you ask me ( and most people) PMDG/FSX is the way to go.




As far as what you can do to customize X Y Z to fit your airline, I'm not entirely sure, I don't think they'l allow it for FSX,



Another thing- PMDG will soon support Prepar3d, and I believe one of their licences will alow you to do that. Here is the info on that.





Training Centers and Airline customers will be able to purchase a general version of a PMDG product for P3D, or alternately PMDG can create a private version that tailors the aircraft equipment options to match the customer fleet.  This version can be made available only to designated crew members through a private portal.  (Please contact us directly via our site for more information on customization.)


Note: Training enabled licenses depend upon certification from Boeing and licensing by same.  This product line is not yet available

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Ken,  I have the 777 for X-plane and I know for sure it won't fit your needs. 


The PMDG offering is your best bet.  

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