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Autostart FSI!

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Hi all,


I have appreciated autostart the FSXServer in the past but after a number of 'upgrades' am now trying to autostart FSI in P3D, but with no success so far. 


I couldn't even find an exe.xml in P3D AppData path as one FSX solution quoted. What's made it a bit more irritating is that when you search for a solution for FSI you only find FSX answers with oblique references to change-outs for P3D, one of which even included the FSXServer path!  Room for error there of course and I couldn't get anything to work, short of a definitive guide for the FSI/P3D user. Shame really. Perhaps there aren't many FSI users, I don't know. 


I know the solution is only grade 1 programming but I'm out of time and it does work fine OK manually.  





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The exe file is a general sim file common to both FSX and P3D and its up to the user to edit the file or 'create' a new one if they want to run the server program automatically. Something that is not recommended yet with P3D due to the problem the sim has with handling SimConnectiins when startin in the start up screen. The recommendation is to run it manually after loading the flight. So the simple answer is to create the exe file ... It does not exist in P3D unless created by the user. It's a process that takes less than a minute really just follow the examples, you can even cut and paste our example configuration. (Not sure if FSX installed its own empty exe.xml file, it may not have just like P3D).


Stephen :-)




There are now as many OpusFSI users as OpusFSX and the number is growing greatly each day. You should also try the latest OpusFSI Beta Version 4.03.1 with its multi layering clouds determined from forecast data. Best when used in addition with the Cloud Associations option.


Stephen :-)


Extract from our OpusFSI Getting Started Guide ...


Starting the OpusFSI Software Automatically with FSX and P3D


The FSISERVER program can be started automatically each time FSX/P3D is run, simply by editing the content of the standard FSX exe.xml file.


The FSX exe.xml file can be found within the c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\ directory where 'username' identifies your login account name, or for XP in c:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\


The P3D exe.xml file can be found within the c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\ Prepar3D\ directory where 'username' identifies your login account name.


If the file doesn't exist then you can create it using Notepad, just remember the xml file extension when saving the file.


Edit the xml file using Notepad. Paste the contents of the OpusFSI _ExeXml_Server.txt file at the end of the xml content. You should paste the content in just before the closing </SimBase.Document> statement.


For example, after editing the content of the xml file, the content should look something like this,


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='Windows-1252'?>

<SimBase.Document Type='Launch' version='1,0'>






<Name>OpusFSI Flight Simulator Server for FSX</Name>






Of course you may already have several Addons listed in the xml file. In which case you will find each Addon specified within a separate <Launch.Addon> .. </Launch.Addon> block.


You will need to edit the c:\OpusFSI\FSISERVER.EXE entry and specify the correct drive location if you have installed it anywhere other than the standard C drive.


When you next run FSX if you are prompted to trust OpusFSI then confirm Yes.


Stephen :-)




Have you been reading the OpusFSX GS Guide ?


There are separate guides and documents for OpusFSI and OpusFSX, you can access these from our website.



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Thanks Stephen,


I really didn't expect that. I'm humbled by your positive and utterly helpful response. I'll be sure to have a fresh go tomorrow.


I'm not the least bit surprised that there are so many FSI users. I made my decision fairly early in the piece as you may know, but yesterday I uninstalled a 7-day trial of a noted rival product which I felt somehow obliged to compare. OpusFSI delivers, for me anyway, a vastly more convincing and dramatic sky, and equally subtle too in lesser wx conditions. Without wanting to sound pompous Opus FSI I delivers the sort of depth I like and I would venture to say is the intellectual's or purists choice. And then, who can do without the cameras :-)  I did try EZDOK, and that was how I disovered tranquilisers.  


I'm very pleased to be along for the ride Stephen and wish you all success.  


Oh, I can be a laggard too, having installed REX4 only a few days ago. What a combination - I'd recommend to anyone, even REX Essential Overdrive users, as I was. 


Best regards,



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Thanks Gareth,

Watch out for the auto run with P3D though, any SimConnect issues then stick to manual running. Many thanks for your kind comments, Cheryl and I really appreciate you taking the trouble to comment. I agree about REX4 textures based on the very positive comments we've had from other OpusFSI and FSX users.

Hope you enjoy the latest beta (ver 4.03.1), try out the new cloud layering and Cloud Associations. It also includes the new Panning Sequences. We will most likely make it the next release version early next week. Costa Blanca .. Nice place to live .. We will hopefully enjoy some of that Spannish sunshine next week.

Best Regards
Stephen and Cheryl :-)

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Right, thanks for the tip. On reflection I'm going to stay as I am then and put my efforts into exploring more of what Opus has to offer, including panning of course, and the new Beta. And who knows I might even read (as opposed to consult) the manuals :)  


Yes, it was like a perfect summer's day here today, 10 mins south of Torrevieja, and a minute from La Zenia Beach. Albeit a little warm for some peoples' tastes. Still, 26C here in my den - not bad for 21:40. But a comparatively chilly 22C outside.


Anyway, still time to grab the Beta and check out the new cloud layering. I must say I've not regretted for one minute shelling out for a 780 OC.  


If ever you're passing this way do let us know :)   


Yours aye, 



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