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    Because of the INSANE amount of times I get asked this, it gets answered once and for all… Windshield rain effects can be made possible by the aircraft developer and nobody else. While it is possible for us to get “something that looks like” windshield rain effects on an aircraft-specific level, it is really glitchy, doesn't take wipers into account and really isn't up to our quality standards at FSFX Packages. The reasons why developers are not applying this effect to their aircrafts may vary. The "it lowers performance, that's why developers don't do it" argument we often hear about is not really true anymore when we look at today's hardware and considering the platform is more than 8 years old. Instead, we have to look at FSX and P3D limitations here. There is a limit to how many polygons and animations you can use to create an aircraft's cockpit on the platform, so a bit of visuals and/or functionalities would have to be left aside to make the effect work. Windshield rain effects in FSX are backward compatible from FS2004, but a feature used to make VC rain effects work has been removed from the FSX Software Development Kit. We assume Microsoft did this because of performance issues back in the days. So to have VC Rain effects, the developer would have to compile the aircraft for FS2004 instead of FSX, and that creates a ton of other problems. Creating the effect from scratch by the developer is another option. It is possible if they have enough polygons and animations available in their 3D model which isn't the case on most airliners we fly these days. It's a hard decision for developers to do, the platform isn't helping much right now. Lockheed, we have an eye on you for this!

Keven Menard 
Technical Director, //42

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