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Nicolas Lescuyer

EZDOK issue P3D2.4

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I'm trying to run EZDOK as it is for me one of the most important add-on, especially its option to move the view thanks to the mouse. But I encouter issues. I've installed P3D2.4 on a fresh windows 7 install today. Here is how I've installed EZDOK 1.17 (P3D beta):


-Installed EZDOK 1.15 from Flight1

-Updated to 1.17

-Runned configurator thanks to Russian Migration Tool (P3D2.4 compatible version), aircraft.cfg successfully contain [CameraDefinition.201]

-Changed EZCA.exe with the P3D beta one, http://www.simforums.com/forums/ezdok-and-prepar3d_topic40274.html


*I've checked for exe.xml and dll.xml. EZDOK launchs well with P3D but there are no pre-configured views in the "studio".

*When I try to create one, in edit mode, arrows keys works well for vector movements but as soon as I move the mouse, the view is "falling" to the captain's sit: http://imagesia.com/apres-edit_qf67. In every planes, P3D defaults or not.
I've got the same issue while moving the mouse after checking "ML" option. I've tried to reset to 0 lateral and vertical movements in mouse settings (right-clicking "ML" option). I've also tried to set the mouse sensibility to minimum in EZDOK settings...nothing change.

I've looked for this issue, but nobody seems to have encoutered it.

Nicolas (sorry for the english)

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Might be a conflict going on?  Are you using Track IR or any other movement application accufeel? Opus?  if so you might try disabling them to see if it helps?


Do you have any known good camera sets saved?  Perhaps a default aircraft from FSX that you could try loading?  I have the Default 737.esc set saved it's only 148kb file that I could send to you to try if you'd like to see if that helps?  Or if you still have FSX installed you could simply do it yourself it only takes a minute. 


I also think I remember Manifar (Author) saying that not having any cameras can cause strange effects (your screenshot shows no cameras created for your Airbus) So even if the camera is looking right at the pilots seat are you able to create a new camera at all?  Or are you saying that no matter what you create or try to edit the camera always pans back to that face down pilot seat view like your screenshot?...If the latter is the case I would bet on some sort of a camera definition conflict going on.

RE Thomason Jr.



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Sorry I cant help as I am having issues also with 318/318 airbus cant load a profile sometimes without it crashing and sometimes when I disable it the VC view is way to far to the left - very glitchy - I have it working at the moment but afraid to play with think - wish they would get a PED version out - they would make some money for sure - keep you posted if I can figure things out - on a side note it loaded right up with latest emt no exe.xml fiddling 


Oh noticed it works with Airbus view system on - didnt expect that


Did you import a profile for the airbus first to have something to work with this is what I have done then I just change that to my liking


Another thing I noticed is you need to disable it in spot plane view if you do it in VC - it really messes it up - that will give you the vc view way off to the left if you do not do it outside


Also give all rights to the ezca folder - might help


Link to profiles:



Rich Sennett


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First of all, thank you for your help.

*I'm not using any other movement application. My P3D2.4 install is fresh on a fresh Windows 7 install.


*On some aircrafts there are no camera sets, on others, like the PA18, there are ones. I've tried to edit the first "pilot eyes" view on this plane. At the moment I move the mouse, the view finish on the sit..incredible. If I choose any other camera set, if I click "ML" option and move the mouse..it's the same problem.


Before edit:



After edit:



I really don't understand..as you will notice, I've tried to change EZDOK from 1.17 beta P3D to 1.15. It works with the migration tool but it's the exact same problem.



Thanks Richard but I have this particular problem with all my P3D planes, not only the 318/319..that's incredible.

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Ok, I can say now that it is not an installation problem. I've uninstalled everything, reinstall this time with EMT (and not RMT) but at the end I always have this issue.

I've noticed an interesting thing, when I change views with PTP (for exemple between throttles and pilot's view) the camera doesn't move directly from this view to the other one but pass over the seat during a very short instant..the exact same place where the camera seems to "fall" when I active "ML" option or when I use the mouse during edit mode.

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