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Complete list of status messages?

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Hi folks, 


during my last flight TXKF-BAW2232-EGKK I got the status message HYD PRESS IND DEM L. 

I scanned the QRH, and all other delivered Boeing documents, but to no avail: 3676 pages of official docs, but no hints... 


1. Yes, I learnt my lesson that the status messages on the multi functional display are informatively only. 

2. Despite the fact that Boeing feels that the crew shall ignore it, since they cannot do anything anyway during flight, I' d like to know what it means. 

3. HYD PRESS IND DEM L could stand for: Don't trust the HYD PRESS indication of the left demand hydraulic pump. 

4. A little bit cheating I checked the PMDG -- FAILED ITEMS page and find: ACMP L PRESS XDCR FAIL. (Cross Data Center Replication?)  

5. Nice, but this the crew would not read during flight... doesn't help either (except we learn a bit about the failed subsystems, ACMP? XCDR?). 

6. So, after landing the crew would note the message into their flight log and maintenance have their additional information to tackle the system. 


Only FCOMv2 mentions status messages and points to chapter 15, but here we find EICAS etc messages. 


I assume there are hundreds of status messages. Does a complete list exist, a table simply? 


Thank you in advance. 

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Does a complete list exist, a table simply? 

Yes, probably in the AMM or some other kind of Maintenance Manual.

However, these manuals aren't distributed publicly.

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Your guess was pretty accurate. You had a Left A/C Motor Pump (ACMP) pressure transducer (XDCR) failure. Pump pressure transducers measure the hydraulic pump pressure output.


Just for review since you had a question mark after ACMP. The Left and Right ACMPs are demand pumps and if set to auto are only switched on during situations of high hydraulic demand, the Engine Driven Pump (EDP) acts as the primary pressure source for the left and right systems. The center 1 and 2 ACMPs are the primary source of pressure for the center system, with Air Driven Pumps (ADP) serving as demand pumps for the center system.


The pump pressure transducers should not be confused with the system pressure transducers which measure the total L, C and R system pressure.


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