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  1. Sometimes I wonder why I stopped posting on AVSIM... Then I see a topic like this come along, and the eternal flamewar that follows, and I immediately remember why. This topic, and especially the answers held within, have made my decision as definitive as it ever was. So long, AVSIM.
  2. Like many others, my jaw dropped when I read this thread. Even though I have never met you in person, the legacy you built up in AVSIM speaks tot he kind of guy you were. We've only spoken a few times, but each and every time, it was clear to me how much AVSIM meant to you. Like many others, I thought, hoped, you would overcome this, that it would only seem like a little bump in the road a few years from now. Like many others, I read your previous announcement in disbelief. If only we were right... Blue skies forever, and a safe last flight, Tom.
  3. Are you flying that in real life? As far as I know, Delta never owned 736s. In any case, I'm afraid I can't help you. If it's not in the AVSIM library, it might be worth shooting an email to a few painters. You never know...
  4. When there's news to share, PMDG will share it in a stickied post at the top of the PMDG General subforum.
  5. Reread the quoted post two posts above yours, and who actually made that quote....
  6. Or the introduction manual? Really, it's a study-sim. It's not a default aircraft where you just "get in and go". Some effort is required.
  7. Goldstar doesn't do functionless, as far as I know.
  8. Hahahahahaha! Oh, wait, you're serious? Modelling the engines (not the exterior model, but the actual performance model) is one of the hardest things to do for a decent add-on. Ryan, or RSR, has stated that the modelling of the GE90 took them a huge amount of time. So yes, it can be VERY hard. They simply don't do "just" an external model with the same internal parameters. If they do it, it'll be correct. Including it in the base package is rather hard, since the base package has been released quite some time ago. If they make it, it'll be an extension, nothing else.
  9. When saying this, did you actually check in the CDU, or did you just set up the sim to not have any failures? The reason I ask is this: The 777 has Service Based failures built in. In other words, the plane ages and failures happen based on usage. The only way to change this is through the CDU, it's not part of the random failures, and it is ON by default. Just checking.
  10. The real 787 has quite a few rivets as well, especially around the cockpit area. http://www.airliners.net/photo/All-Nippon-Airways/Boeing-787-8-Dreamliner/2461840/L/&sid=7aa2642e1cfea7cc58b4590a5743c83d http://www.airliners.net/photo/Ethiopian-Airlines/Boeing-787-8-Dreamliner/2422172/L/&sid=7aa2642e1cfea7cc58b4590a5743c83d They're just a lot less obvious from further away.
  11. As far as I remember, word on the next development was pretty much this, by RSR himself: "The project after the 747v2 will be something somewhat unusual for us. Something you won't quite expect from us." I would venture a guess and say... No Boeing. The 787 is (becoming) too popular not to be done at a decent level in FSX, whether PMDG will do it or someone else is yet to be seen, but it will come.
  12. In what way do you consider the NGX to be outdated, then? (Aside from weather radar, but we know they're working on that part.)
  13. In what part of the world exactly would you consider the 787 to be "not popular"? Just take a look at the deliveries. I'd say the 787 is selling well, VERY well.
  14. That chance is somewhere between "slim" and "none", Tobias. Check the latest announcement made by Rob in the General Forum.
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