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  1. Sometimes I wonder why I stopped posting on AVSIM... Then I see a topic like this come along, and the eternal flamewar that follows, and I immediately remember why. This topic, and especially the answers held within, have made my decision as definitive as it ever was. So long, AVSIM.
  2. Thanks for the, very valued, opinion guys. They confirmed the thought I had.... Time so shell out, I guess.
  3. Thanks for the response, Ken! I'm quite hesitant to upgrade my graphics card. I have my setup running pretty smoothly these days, especially FSX, so I'm rather picky about installing a new piece of hardware in there. I'm afraid there won't be much else in terms of options, though. I have my eyes set on a TITAN Black for a rather good price (about 800 EUR), so that might be an option. In any case, I'm glad you're so fond of the monitor, that gives me confidence about having made the right choice (though the decision between curved or flat is one I still have to make).
  4. The HPSOV failure is one I've seen passing by quite a few times myself. Your doubts are certainly merited. If a single component on the aircraft was prone to such frequent failures, there would have been a design change without doubt. (In real life, of course) The nose tire balance "failure" is caused by speeding through the corners. The 777 is a big plane, so it will have an even more pronounced wearing rate than the 737NG when doing this.
  5. I can indeed see why. Following their pricing, it means you'd have to buy at least two, and in some cases three, add-ons. While I can see the reasoning behind it, I think it will indeed throw quite a few people off.
  6. The way it is modeled right now, the windscreen is a tad high, the overhead panel should drop a bit, making the windscreen more "letterbox-like". In essence, now, you can see too much outside. Although, to be honest, the effect of this is being overdramatised by some. When sitting up front, and adjusting the seat correctly (in real life), the perceived view on the outside world is rather good. In my opinion, the perceived view is somewhat between what iFly and PMDG have right now.
  7. 50 Euros before or after the discount? I bought their F-104 a while back, and while it isn't getting as much attention as it deserves, it's still a very nice aircraft.
  8. I'm not claiming what you say isn't, or can't be, true. However, without having an official confirmation as to whether or not the changes will actually happen (as opposed to "could happen"), the former confirmed message still holds true. In that way, nobody gets to be disappointed because "someone, somewhere, said something". Again, I'm not trying to discredit what you say, I just want to maintain that there's a difference between an (informal) mail, and an actual statement from the team.
  9. I am considering buying an LG Ultrawide monitor (34UC97 or 34UM95, most likely). While I'd love to go for the curved (UC) version, I have to take into account some productivity work (Photography) as well, where the curved edge might hinder me in seeing straight lines, well, straight. I'm also questioning whether or not to replace my GPU setup with a new card. At the moment, I'm running two GTX 580s in SLI, which is still a rather powerful setup for 1080p, but I'm wondering whether they'll be able to drive the new monitors. I'm considering swapping them out for a single GPU, most likely a GTX 970 (I'm aware of the 3.5GB issues, they wouldn't affect me too much) or a secondhand TITAN. If I do need to change my GPU setup, a 900$ investment (only the monitor) suddenly becomes a whole lot more expensive. On the CPU side of things, I'm still fine in my opinion. While I'm running a rather old CPU (2600k), it's still chewing up everything I throw at it, and then some... I'd like some honest opinions about these suggestions. I've let my hardware knowledge slack off in recent years, and getting up to speed again is proving to be rather tricky.
  10. Without an actual confirmation by a team member, I'd still refer to what was posted on the forum: a conditional confirmation, the condition being the HGS not being slaughtered in the process. If the HGS does need to be crippled for the modification to progress, I'm afraid the cockpit geometry will stay exactly the way it is now.
  11. He asked for the next classic aircraft, not the next aircraft in general. Also, you need to sign each and every one of your posts in the PMDG subforums with your full, real, name, else they might get deleted, and they often do.
  12. Can't wait to fly this one in the sim! I have a somewhat odd connection with WORLD, especially after seeing their MD-11s at EBOS so often.
  13. Like many others, my jaw dropped when I read this thread. Even though I have never met you in person, the legacy you built up in AVSIM speaks tot he kind of guy you were. We've only spoken a few times, but each and every time, it was clear to me how much AVSIM meant to you. Like many others, I thought, hoped, you would overcome this, that it would only seem like a little bump in the road a few years from now. Like many others, I read your previous announcement in disbelief. If only we were right... Blue skies forever, and a safe last flight, Tom.
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