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  1. Sorry guys, FPS are crap...just un-installed sticking with FSX SE!
  2. Good luck mate, all the best...watch your six! Cheers,
  3. Same here, I had two green library update lines, and an update for NA airport pack, which was already updated, I just reinstalled the new migration libs file again, but the green update lines etc are still displaying, I just hope my FSX SE folder is not corrupted, needing another complete re-install, of 270 odd gigs again! Mal...
  4. After playing this game for the last few days, and after a couple of crashes in the missions, and in free flight (losing all my recorded flight time!) I've decided to un-install the game! The price, and the game is great for beginners...good luck to them, for me I'm happy with FSX SE until I can upgrade my modest PC, maybe next year. Cheers,
  5. After a few days with this dissapointing game, and after suffering several crashes in the missions, and in free flight (losing lost flying hours) i've un-installed, no great loss considering the cheap price paid, I'm happy with FSX SE, until I upgrade my modest and aging PC, hopefully next year! Cheers,
  6. Hope you are feeling better mate...good luck, hope to see you back here soon! Cheers,
  7. I presume you are talking about DTG Flight, well on my very modest i5 2500k with 16 gig ram, and a AMD 2 gig card, I'm getting about 14 to 17 FPS in the missions, and about 25 to 50 ish FPS in free flight, depending on were I fly, and with the occasional stutters, and that's with all sliders moved to high from ultra high. Cheers,
  8. anfield ace


    Hi Norman, I don't have this box to tick at the bottom of my security page, never mind, thanks any way!
  9. anfield ace


    Hi Bill, How do you change properties, to enable the run as administrator please? Cheers,
  10. I'm just updating my Beatles CD collection now after 50 years, and I was there at the beginning! Sorry for going off topic chaps! Mal...
  11. Hi Pete, Yes, I'm still using FSX SE because its better than FSX Gold, and because my now very modest rig, won't run P3D v.3.1 in its full glory...I'm hoping to upgrade to an i7 sometime this year...but I still get a good performance with FSX SE/full Orbx etc, as long as I stay away from the large complex airports like this one! Cheers, Mal, Hi Glenn, I do have my settings etc turned up pretty high, but no I'm not blaming ESSA at all, I was just stating a fact with an OOM! Mal.
  12. Just did a takeoff and land in the PMDG 737...and low and behold an OOM! Using an I5 2500 @ 3.2 gig, 2gig AMD card, 16gb ram in FSX SE Cheers,
  13. I'm still waiting for the FSX SE installer to be released, hopefully not too long now? Cheers,
  14. anfield ace

    Your age?

    70, and counting...
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