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A_A Kuala Lumpur: Missing Ground poly square?

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Dear all,



After contacting the developer several times, he & I were all out of ideas regarding this issue. The developer did not get any similar reports of this issues.

I would therefore like to ask here if somebody sees something we've missed or has some ideas to point me into the right direction. 


Missing Concrete layer in the ground polygon of A_A Sceneries Kuala Lumpur KLIA 



This square will always show up in the exact same location, it doesn't move or change appearance. All the other ground polygon elements show up, but the concrete layer does not. This results in the default AFCAD concrete bleed through.

Some information:
FSX SP2, standard DX9, no shadows, Windows 7 x64, mildly tweaked fsx.cfg using the Venetubo tool.


What I've tried:
- Disabled WMKK in Orbx FTX Vector AEC
- Disabled FSGlobal 2010 mesh
- Changed mesh settings to every possible combination (low & high)
- Used a fresh FSX.cfg and Scenery.cfg

- Disabled every other 3rd party scenery in the library (airports, NL2000 photo scenery, FTX Vector+OpenLC, etc.) 

- Installed the scenery on my laptop with a clean FSX installation >>> shows up fine without issues

- Disabled the WMKK Landclass and WMKK tunnel



Is there anything anybody of you can think of that might cause something like this?

Thanks in advance!

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I have deleted by Shader cache and let FSX build a new one, no luck.


I also tried creating my own flatten for the are, which didn't help


I have also recorded a quick video that shows the loading process of the scenery from far away but zoomed it. This way everything with a specific LOD shows up one at a time, but the square still doesn't show:


Can anybody assist me with ideas what to try next?

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Im betting it is a mesh issue. More so because you say it works fine on a vanilla install.


Try disabled mesh and see how it works

That would be your FSGlobal Mesh I was speaking about...

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Al, thank you for your suggestion: that was the first thing I tried.

In the mean time, I have found the cause: the AES scenery library entry.


Enabled results in the square.

Disabled and it shows up fine. 

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