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  1. Anyone still having VRAM issues with this one, or have most found a good balance in the meantime?
  2. I have upgraded my P3D from 5.1 to 5.3 and now I get these blue light effects during the day. Any idea what could cause this? I followed the P3D uninstall& upgrade instructions as posed here in this thread and as per the thread on the Orbx forums. I can only find this topic about a similar issue with 5.3, but sadly no replies: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=143982 Thanks in advance! Edit; disregard, fixed by updating EnvShade to the latest version.
  3. How is VRAM usage of 5.3 compared to 5.2 and 5.1? Has it been improved?
  4. How is VRAM usage of 5.3 compared to 5.2 and 5.1? Has it been improved?
  5. Correct, which is why TKOF 24 and LDG 18R is the most common configuration, with extra runways sprinkled on top during periods of the day when demand is high (outbound or inbound).
  6. Many AIG AI flight plans now use the injection method with the Manager (instead of the Old BGl flight plan method). KLM is one of those packages. This would explain why some airlines sho up on your end (those using older BGL method) and other are not showing up (those relying on injection by the AIG Manager). Check if the AIG Manager is running properly and if it is injecting AI traffic.
  7. It's for peak times where they use a 2+1, 1+2 or 2+2 RWY system. For example, common combinations are: Outbound peak, wind from the North: TKOF 36L+36C, LDG 06. Outbound peak, wind from the South: TKOF 24+18L, LDG 18R. Inbound peak, wind from the North: TKOF 36L, LDG 06+36R. Inbound peak, wind from the South: TKOF 06, LDG 18R+18C. They could also do a 'double peak config, with 2 RWY's for TKOF and 2 for LDG, but that is rare and only allowed for a short period at a time. This system gives EHAM the most optimal capacity in terms of hourly aircraft movements under most common conditions. This all changes when there are excessively strong winds from the west or south-west. But that is not common. Regarding the purpose of the center RWY vs 18R/36L: RWY 18C/36C is used a little as possible due to the approach path to 18C and departure path of 36C is directly over the village of Zwanenburg and parts of Amsterdam. This webpage (of the Dutch ATC provider) always shows the current RWY usage and provides some more background info: https://en.lvnl.nl/environment/runway-use
  8. I disagree. I have an 8GB GTX 1070 and it's perfectly usable: - P3Dv5.1 - 2048px textures on a 1440P resolution monitor, with 4xSSAA & AF 16x. - FT AMSv2 - PMDG NGXu & 777 - Orbx Global & OpenLC - NL2000v5 - REX, Active Sky - GSXlvl2 It's close to the max in terms of VRAM, but I have no issues. But you have to be mindful of your settings, addons and configuration of said addons. For example, try tweaking your True Earth NL settings and disable some VFR-only items. Or ensure your aircraft repaints are not excessively large and not optimized. Also, other programs besides flightsim use VRAM: Volanta (close to 1 GB), Chrome, Discord, etc. Use Process Explorer from Microsoft as a little tool to see which programs are using VRAM: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/process-explorer
  9. Thanks Keven (both for the quick reply and the action items), much appreciated for sure! And no problem; that is what Beta is for...getting useful feedback. Looking forward to seeing the updates at some point in the future. Keep up the good work, I feel FSFX is a true testament of how development, feedback, and communication should be handled these days...feels refreshing :)
  10. @Keven Menard, I bought the ChasePlane Beta today as a replacement for Ezdok v1.15 (the original) I have been using for years now. Thank you so much for your work in creating a worthy successor! In trying to set-up ChasePlane to my liking, I came across some feedback items I would very much like to see addressed in the final version if possible. Is this the best way to submit change request/feature requests/feedback? Or is there a different preferred method? Anyway here goes: 1. Global camera settings? I am struggling to find how to change the default Static Camera settings OR how to get my Static Camera Preset to apply to all Static Cameras of all airports. Every time I select an airport cam (runway or gate), it loads with the same default settings (No zoom, slow movements, no static walkaround, etc) instead of the ones I changed in the Preset. Request: Implement the ability to set GLOBAL Camera settings for each category (On-Board, Outside, Static). Presets in those categories can then OVERRIDE these default global settings. 2. Zoom behavior controls? In the 'Advanced' tab on 'Camera', it is for some reason not possible to change the way the MOUSE scrolls (speed & inertia); only Zoom behavior of other controllers can be set here (keyboard etc.). Also, in the overall/global 'Preferences', there are no settings to set or change the Zoom behavior in general. Only the Speed Boost and Binoculars can be set a GOBAL level, and Mouse Zoom cannot. As a result, there is only ONE setting for zoom: Enable/disable Scroll Zoom, at a Preset level. Request: Implement either Zoom Speed & Inertia settings in Camera - Advanced OR implement GLOBAL Zoom Speed & Inertia settings in the Preferences. 3. Sorting of Community search results? Controls to find exactly what you want when searching in the Community section are extremely limited. For example, it is not possible to change the sorting of the table to show Number of Users in a descending fashion. Request: Add more useful filtering & sorting in the Community section. 4. Remember last camera position? Right now, when switching between Presets, they also load from their Preset location/position. There is no way to have them remember their position when switching between them. The camera manipulation the user does in the sim is always lost when switching between camera presets. This is especially annoying when trying to recreate the default Locked Spot view from the Sim, where every time you select that Presets, the camera resets instead of 'picking up where the user last left it'. Request: Add a 'Remember Last Position' toggle setting by which the user can enable certain camera Presets to remember their last location/position upon selecting the preset. 5. Aircraft tracking vs. ground? A camera preset set to 'Track Aircraft' continues to be centered around the aircraft in the sim UNTIL the user pans it down and hit 'hits' the ground. When that happens, the a weird non-locked, non-tracked, 'walking/zoomin' hybrid mode is entered it seems (can't describe it better). This is not in line what the user expects when he wants the camera to stay FIXED and CENTERED around the aircraft and turns on the setting 'Track Aircraft' to do so. This is important since ChasePlanne prohibts the use of the default sim views, or at least does not play nice with them (no zoom, no mouse look, etc.), so the only way to get a true Locked Spot View is to create it in ChasePlane, which comes with this weird 'ground behavior'. (NOTE: Static Walkaround is already turned OFF in the preferences, but it does not disable in its entirety when 'Track Aircraft' is enabled) Request: Continue to track the aircraft also when the camera hits the ground. Camera behaviour should be akin to the default Locked Spot View behavior when 'Track Aircraft' is turned in a Preset. ----- Thanks in advance! :)
  11. "A PMDG product is never late, it arrives precisely when it means to" - Randazzo the Grey Good thing to have maintenance and compatibility for existing products squared away first, PMDG did an amazing job with this whole endeavour. It only makes sense that the 'new stuff' would have to wait.
  12. Amazing work on working with Umberto to get it fixed, the update is already out: https://www.fsdreamteam.com/couatl_liveupdate_notes.html Download the latest GSX installer or standalone addon manager to get it.
  13. Very nice David! From back when PMDG did what their name entails: Precision Manuals Development Group. They sure have come a long way. Could you maybe post a photo of the cover, for nostalgic purposes?
  14. Please see the introduction manual document for more information on why it looks like this. tl;dr: you can ignore it look like that, it will function properly.
  15. Many thanks for the reply, Jason. Glad to hear you guys are aware of this 'shortcoming'. Looking forward to airline-matching service vehicles in a future update. :smile:
  16. Thanks for the reply Andrew. :smile: Why? I would like to use a mix of vehicles, more specifically supplement GSX with the PMDG service vehicles missing in GSX (combi high loader, bulk belt loader, lavatory, hydrant fuel pump, etc). EDIT: BTW, the PMDG ground power units also disappear....
  17. Hi there, When I activate GSX while the service vehicles are active, they disappear. Why is the 747v3 service fleet incompatible with GSX? Or am I doing something wrong? If the former, that should have been found by the beta testers, right? Thanks in advance. :smile:
  18. Oh I missed the question regarding FPS: the same answer applies. Hard numbers are very difficult as they depend on many many factors: different hardware, settings, addons, etc. :smile:
  19. Thanks Steve! That makes sense. I just hope it is possible to package service vehicle pains with the actual liveries.
  20. It has been stated before that the VAS usage of the 747v3 is similar or a bit better than the 777. A lot of effort was spent to keep the 747v3 within its footprint of 700-800mb, while still finding ways of additional optimization and tricks compared to the 777. The 747v3 won't be the addon to 'break the camels' back, I think some other addons (cough...scenery...couch) is way more likely to cause VAS issues. Hope this helps :smile:
  21. Hello, I had a question regarding the new animated PMDG ground service vehicles of the 747v3: Can they be repainted to match the used airline livery or to match the airport? If so, can these paints be included in the .ptp repaint packages? Thanks in advance! :smile:
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