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razbam metro 3 first impressions

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well i purchased this as its in sale for £13 from justflight im glad to say i did not buy this at full price i have used this for around 8 hours and i cannot gel in this aircraft atall everything feels very clunky and reading through the manual if you want to make it more realistic you go into your files and change it from 0 to 1 to get the start locks to work seems pritty lazy.


other thing is the installer was a nightmare not finding my fsx install directory never in the history of installing addon payware have i had this problem and after half an hour i just dropped the files into my fsx folder manually have not had to do this for years.



also think it could be doing with a few service packs no cockpit switch sounds and the autopilot they "implemented" is just lazy aswell half of the buttons do not function like the vs trim well whats the point in having that in the autopilot popup exactly it does nothing but you can again go in and edit it from 1800ft to whatever you want by going into the config file.


everything about this seems to be very in my opinion half finished why they havent took there time to model all this and actually retrofit a proper autopilot like the later metros in to the panel config and add a gps that actually works is beyond me.


i know some people are going to say oh you are to used to ure gps this and autopilot that well i can say i have the fslabs concorde x and love that aircraft and fly it just because its analogue.


what i dont't like is poorly finished products and i would be kicking myself in the teeth if i had bought this full price i would say it is worth the £13 i paid for it by the skin of its teeth.


if you are going to add something atleast do it to a high standard was really hoping to like razbam and purchase more of there stuff but there aircraft are nowhere near the polish of realair and a2a and pmdg and in my opinion this is a touch better than carenado and i do not like there aircraft as they also feel quarter finished.


i would give this a 5/10 until it matures more but i doubt it will get many more updates.

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Might want to touch up the grammar of your review to make it more legible.

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