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Strange lines above trees

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Since I did a fresh install of my pc, I'm seeing strange lines above trees with FTX Global/Vector installed that I havent seen before. I already tried to reinstall FTX and I repaired P3D, but this didnt make any difference.

Trees close by are unaffected, but trees in the distance show these lines everywhere.



Can someone could throw in some ideas about how to fix this, would be very much appreciated.

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Anyone out there who can provide even a hint of what might be going on here?

I've been searching for 2 weeks already and I do find more people having this problem, but no solutions, or even an idea about what could be causing this. I already reinstalled my system from a clean windows up, last week, but the lines are still there...


Some help would be very much appreciated. :)

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I have seen this before in P3D using FTX Global textures.  It looks to me like there are some artifacts in the texture files for the trees, along the upper border of the textures.  These would show up differently at various distances due to the way they were transferred to each mipmap, for the various mip levels.  I would suggest loading the texture files in DXTBMP, then into an editor in order to check for and repaint any erroneously colored pixels along the top edge of the texture (if found).  Then reload the texure in DXTBMP and resave.  You may also have to check the alpha channel for non-transparent areas along the top edge of the texture.  This would be my first step in finding a solution.  I've been meaning to try this, but have not yet had the time.




Gerald Byrne

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Thanks for explanation, Gerald, but I'm just a simple user and this is way over my head. Maybe I could do this with a detailed step-by-step guide , but I wouldnt know in which folder to look, or what bitmaps or alpha channels are and how they work, or what to do with them... I've been googling for some guide to get me started, but I cant find/recognize anything that could help me on my way, I'm afraid. To me this sounds like something the developer should fix.

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