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  1. GolfMikeBravo

    Duxfod Scenery

    Thanks for reminding me that I need to get some Duxford scenery! I visited Duxford for the first time last September a couple of days before the big Airshow. Unfortunately, it was during the passing of Storm Ali, so nothing was flying that day (too windy). Great museum, though. I should schedule my next UK trip to catch an airshow! Cheers, Gerald
  2. GolfMikeBravo

    My experience in P3D of upgrading from a 4790K to 8700K system

    The price difference is not that much in the U.S. Currently, Silicon Lottery has the 5.0 GHz 8700K processors listed at $430 (although they are currently sold out). currently sells the 8700K for $350. Only $80 difference for a binned and delidded processor (roughly £60 difference). In my opinion, that is a very reasonable difference. Please note that the cost difference is higher if you want to purchase a 5.1 GHz or 5.2 GHz binned processor. Gerald
  3. GolfMikeBravo

    My experience in P3D of upgrading from a 4790K to 8700K system

    I recently built a new system with an 8700K. I highly recommend purchasing the CPU from Silicon Lottery. Each CPU they sell has been tested and binned for a particular overclock speed. The faster the speed, the higher the cost. Plus they delid the processor before shipping. I purchased an 8700 tested and guaranteed to run stable at 5.0 GHz at a vcore of 1.40v. I have it overclocked at 5.0 GHz at a vcore of 1.38v, and it runs stable and rock solid. It also runs cool under load due to the delidding, with max. core temps at 100% load for all cores on the order of 55 degrees C with liquid cooling. I am running with HT off. From now on, I will only purchase processors from them. I believe there is a similar company selling delidded and binned processors in Europe, but I don't recall their name. Cheers, Gerald
  4. GolfMikeBravo

    Video card for CAD

    My opinion would be to purchase a card best suited for P3D, with a decent amount of video ram (e.g., 1080ti with 11 GB ram). This should also run Solidworks just fine. Heck, I've run Autodesk Inventor here at home on just the on-chip Intel HD Graphics 530 (i7-6700K at 4 GHz) in 64-bit Windows 7 just fine. At the office, we run full 3D AutoCAD, working with large Civil 3D drawings and several 3d finite element modeling software packages on newer systems with no add-on graphics cards, without problems. Running the Windows Experience Index on my home system with no add-on graphics card gives me values between 7.0 and 7.9 (Windows 7 maximum is 7.9). Just my thoughts. Gerald
  5. GolfMikeBravo

    M20R Lights Prepar3d v4

    Sam, I have this issue with most of the aircraft released by Carenado & Alabeo the past couple of years. Their landing and taxi light splashes are modeled too close to the aircraft, and have limited visibility from the cockpit unless you raise the view point with several shift+enter keypresses. Regardless, I still own the majority of aircraft from them. Some aircraft are better than others with regards to the landing/taxi lights. I do not know of any way to modify the lights, since they are built into the model. Cheers, Gerald
  6. GolfMikeBravo

    CJ2 or Premier 1a?

    I really like the Premier 1A. Is it perfect? No. But it is fast for a small jet,hand flies like a dream and I can live with the faults. Autopilot seems to capture an ILS and follow very well. I will be flying it much more than I did the CJ2 or either of the Phenoms. Cheers, Gerald
  7. GolfMikeBravo

    So, is P3D3 dead?

    P3D3 is still on life support here! Will take off life support when I build a new system for V4 later this year. V3 will then be buried for good. Cheers, Gerald
  8. GolfMikeBravo

    Best cloud package for P3D

    Interesting results! Although the DXT textures are smaller files, I wonder if processing the compressed textures on the GPU can actually take ever so slightly longer than an uncompressed texture (not sure). If choosing the 32-bit textures vs. the DXT textures, it certainly will use more RAM on the video card, an may even give the opposite results (lower frames or slower texture loading) if the particular system has insufficient video RAM. I'm not sure if the larger texture files would impact VAS all that much. Would be interesting to test. To date, I have never had a VAS related problem with P3D v3 on my system, although I fly mostly general aviation aircraft and do not have any complex add-on airports. As far as DXT compression causing a painted look to the clouds, my experience with that goes back to the old FEX textures, where I found the effect quite visible. Cheers, Gerald
  9. GolfMikeBravo

    Best cloud package for P3D

    I have had AS16 since it was released, but was hesitant to purchase ASCA since most of the screen shots that I had seen made the clouds look like oil paintings of clouds rather than actual clouds. I purchased ASCA yesterday since it was on sale for the Easter holiday weekend. I now wonder why I waited! I flew four flights yesterday in full dynamic mode, with clouds set to 1024 texture size at 32-bit resolution, and not once did I experience the oil-painted look in the clouds. I too am a fan of softer clouds and would have used 256 or 512 texture but did not see a setting at that resolution which was 32-bit. I have never liked clouds displayed using DXT compression, since it has been my experience that it can cause the painted look I hate. The clouds during all of the flights were soft in appearance and well-shaded. I have to say that I am now a big fan of ASCA. My next step will be to test with ENVTEX in full dynamic mode to see if I like that better. One thing to consider is that with ASCA you also get new cloud models, which are significantly better than the default models. The upcoming REX SkyForce 3D will also have new cloud models, but I got tired of waiting for it's release and could not pass up a sale on ASCA. In my opinion, AS16/ASCA produces the best visualization of real weather conditions so far. Cheers, Gerald
  10. GolfMikeBravo

    Frustrating Stutters

    I second that recommendation. Following Rob's guide and locking frames at 27 cured the micro stutters for me, but I am not running 4K (just 1080P). Cheers, Gerald
  11. GolfMikeBravo

    PFC Throttle Quadrant in P3DV3.4

    I also quite like the vernier controls (Cessna style TPM), although they're a bit on the expensive side. It's nice to have very accurate vernier adjustment on the mixture control. I also use FSUIPC to calibrate, and find it works very well. Cheers, Gerald
  12. Another vote here for the PFC Throttle Quadrant Console, with a variety of quadrants. Also gives you gear and flap switches (I don't use the provided rudder trim knob). Probably more than your budget though, by the time you purchase a variety of quadrants for different aircraft types. Cheers, Gerald
  13. GolfMikeBravo

    Yoko vs PFC yokes

    I have had a PFC yoke in the past, and currently use a Yoko. As stated above, the PFC yokes are solid products. I would give the Yoko the edge however, due to the increased travel in the pitch axis and overall feel during use. Very happy with my purchase of the Yoko! Gerald
  14. GolfMikeBravo

    Good P3D Bizjet?

    Looking forward to the Iris Simulations Pilatus PC-24 and the Milviz Learjet 60XR! Who knows when they will be released, though. Should be worth the wait! Cheers, Gerald
  15. GolfMikeBravo


    Got a chance to talk with Bob Hoover back in the early 1980's at an airshow at KSFB, where he performed with the P-51. Saw him perform the deadstick Shrike routine at KDAB a few years later. One heck of a pilot and interesting guy! I plan on picking up this aircraft this weekend, and attempting his airshow routine (if I can find the full routine online). I probably won't be as successful with the routine as he was! Gerald