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CTD - DX10 / Steve's DX Fixer and the Windows Update

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Hi Folks,


I've always used DX9 and it has been many years since I had a CTD of any kind.     I recently decided to try DX10 and bought Steve's Fixer.

With everything set up, it looked great and performance was great too.    Only one problem - after around 10 mins of use, I get a black screen of death / lock up. I then can't even get Task Manager up and have to do a hard reboot of the PC.

Steve mentioned on another thread that this was perhaps caused by a "Windows Update" that causes DX10 to crash.


So my question is, could anyone please tell me what this Windows Update is, how I find out if I have it installed, and how I remove it?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT:  If the Windows Update in question is KB2670838, I can confirm I don't have this installed, and don't use IE10 or 11 (Chrome user).

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I have never heard of any Windows Update issue with DX10. I seriously doubt there is. I have had DX10 installed since Steve first released his freeware fix for DX10. After he went commercial, I bought his payware version and have had that since day one. I only use DX10. I keep my Windows updated with the latest updates. What is interesting about this so-called fix is the fact that very few people have reported this problem and I think there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of users of the DX10 fixer. I would think that we would be receiving reports from every user. Wouldn't we? Maybe I'm wrong (unfortunately I have been in the past :().  Have you ever downloaded and ran AppCrashView and posted the results of the latest crash here? The link to AppCrashView is located to the right of this forum under Hot Spots. I would like to see if there is a faulting module that caused your crash(es).  AppCrashView interprets every Windows Error Report that was suppose to be sent to Microsoft FSX Tech Team so that they could diagnose your problem.


Best regards,

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Thanks for your response Jim.    

I'm certainly not suggesting this is a widescale problem for many users, as your response suggests I'm alluding.    I'll be happy if it's only myself that has the issue. :smile:  ... and again, I'm not suggesting DX10 Fixer is any part of my issue.   I accept that it's highly likely it's associated with my own PC config.  (I'm an ATI user, that is always a starting point, as ATI cards have just got worse and worse, regarding compatibility and clashes).

The windows update is KB2670837, and it's on this forum I've read a few posts about it potentially causing CTDs for some DX10 users.   However, I checked and don't have that update installed.


Will have a look at AppCrashView     - thanks.

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