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Anybody has this problem before?

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I've had an ongoing problem in FSX for quite sometime now and haven't got round to trying to fix it, thought I'd ask here to see if anyone else has had this and might know a fix for it.

The problem is.. say I'm flying the PMDG 737 NGX, I line up on the runway, and select RTO autobrakes, start my takeoff run, and everything is fine.. once I lift off and the autobrakes disarm, I get the red 'Brakes' FSX text at the bottom left of my screen, and i have to press the park brake button on and off to get rid of it, then I find when I land that I have no foot brakes, only the parking brake will stop me (it doesn't show the red brakes text when i press the brakes either) the only way I can fix this is to reassign my brakes in FSUIPC each time it happens! This doesn't just happen in PMDG aircraft either, it can happen in others too.
I always update FSUIPC and my other addon software to the current versions, so pretty sure its not that. 
Anyone had this before?
Oh.. I'm running FSX Acceleration pack. I've also checked that none of the controls are replicated in the FSX controls setup.
thanks in advance.


p.s. I should say that if I dont use autobrakes then I don't get the problem so it seems linked in someway with the autobrake system of the addon.

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Hi, Alan. This may not solve the issue initially but can you try a test flight with as little addons as possible, especially without anything being loaded via the exe.xml and dll.xml? So even go without FSUIPC and check if the default FSX config leads to the braking problems too or if the trouble just appears after an addon joined the game.


By this, add them one by one and test. It's about catching the culprit. Once it's identified, one can check how certain config options affect it.

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