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  1. Is there any reason why I can't reset the failure for brake temps and tyre pressure failures? If I try and fix it, the tyre pressure error goes off but the brake temp stays, and then tyre pressure comes back on. (on the 748!)
  2. Signed the paperwork, have the keys... Time to head back to London!
  3. purchase was slow, as was getting the download, I went to my account page, view previous orders, click on more oppposite your oirder and the download link should be at the bottom.
  4. Im here, on my way to collect my lovely new 747-8 🙂
  5. Maybe the activation server is being prepared for release?
  6. new message appeared on the 748 purchase page... No really... just a tiny tiny TINY bit longer... (Is your F5 key broken? I think it is... look at it!) 😛
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