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FTX Global, Vector, UTX, GEX?

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Just got back into FSX after a year or so.  I didn't have to reinstall or anything as my install, terrain, addons, aircraft...all were just the way I left them.  I never uninstalled as I knew that when I had more time again I'd be back.


Right now, I'm in that painful process of scratching my head and trying to remember what I had installed, and what the addons do....and updating those that need updating.  Its amazing how you take for granted the things you've installed over time and how easy it is to forget how you used all of those things in synergy.


I used FS Global for Mesh.


I used to use Megscenery Earth v2 (and some BlueSkyScenery) for some areas where I was flying above 3000-5000 feet or so.  Other times I'd turn that scenery off, depending on the altitudes I was flying and what I was doing, and use the autogen when I was flying low and wanted to see 3D objects.


I've got all sorts of UTX stuff installed, and all sorts of GEX stuff.  If I remember correctly, UTX controlled where the roads, rivers, and lakes were and made sure they were accurate (I think it did something with night lights or some such as well)...and GEX was replacement autogen scenery that was better than the default.  Does that sound correct to you?  Or am I off base here?


I also had ORBX PNW and would use that when I wanted to do some low/slow flying in the Pacific Northwest.


As I read through these posts on the forum here, I read alot about this "FTX Global" and almost never see mention of UTX or GEX.  Did most people dump UTX/GEX and pick up FTX Global instead?  In newbie-terms...what exactly is FTX Global? (Please forgive me as having just returned, I'm getting my mind back around all the terms and concepts again).  I see mention of this "Vector" as well...where does that fit in?  Does it all play well with FS Global Mesh?


Also, as a side note, how is FSX holding out these days?  Its been a couple years and I know some folks have picked up P3D instead.  Is FSX still going pretty strong?  It looks like the forum has been pretty active.  I just didn't want to invest in more "stuff" for FSX if a ton of people were moving to P3D these days.


Lastly, how is DX10 faring?  When I was last flying..some followed certain guides that were available and went to DX10.  It seemed like most stuck with DX9.  Is that still true?  Do you think the most common use is still DX9 or is it DX10 now?


Thanks :)

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I'm in much the same boat as you. I took a long break from FS and have just started getting back into it. I've forgotten so much about the sim, my add ons and how to land my PMDG 737 without hitting the ground a few miles too soon.

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Is FSX still going pretty strong?


 I imagine FSX will be around for a long time, like FS9 :) It is also now available from Steam and tons of addons still produced for it. So I would not worry on that account!


UTX (which is now updated to version 2) or Vector? The jury is still out on that with many people rooting for either team! Both place accurate roads, trains, rivers, lakes and so on based on new real world data. Both add lights to roads.


GEX is a ground texture replacement as is FTX Global, with a global coverage for the latter.


ORBX also has new regions which you can combine with FTX Global, but you'd need to ask the experts on the merit of that ;)


You might also want to look into getting REX for clouds and ASN (Active Sky Next) for a weather engine, but there are others available e.g. OPUS.




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