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  1. I tried that and really never could figure it out. I added the KML file to LNM, but it didn't really display anything so I'm not sure if I did something wrong or if it just doesn't do what I want. Anyway, I found that you can create your own XP FMS file, which is just a text file. The KML file is XML, also something you can just open in a text editor. The problem is, the data in the KML is in the opposite order that the FMS file needs, so you have to move everything around to the correct order to create a usable FMS file. If you have a lot of waypoints in your KML file, it takes a long time to move everything into the correct order and reformat things. If you have a lot of unnamed waypoints, add a lot of extra time to the job. Someone good at scripting languages could probably create a way to do it automatically, but I don't know enough to do that.
  2. Strange question and I'm pretty sure this can't be done, but I'm going to ask anyway. Does anyone know if it's possible to export the data from a Google Earth KML file showing a flight path (I got it from Flightaware) and import it so as to have fixes shown on the GPS in X-Plane? I'm wanting to recreate a specific flight that I'm interested in and would like to get it as close as possible. The KML I got from Flightaware shows the actual flight path and I want to either view XP in Google Earth as a moving map or convert the KML to some other format to use as a moving map if it isn't possible to import the path data otherwise. Hoping this makes sense. I just want the path to show up so I can easily follow it on a map or on the GPS is the short story version.
  3. What are your current computer specs (processor, RAM, etc)? I'm running XP 11 on a 10 year old I7-920 with 12 gig RAM and a GeForce 970 graphics card. I can't turn everything to max as far as graphics go, but my settings are good enough to make me happy. I haven't tried multiple monitors, so can't help with that.
  4. Great video! I just joined the X-Plane crowd a couple weeks ago after many years with MSFS. I am absolutely loving XP and all the great free add-ons.
  5. I'm really hoping they do something. I am 100% X-Plane now and will use it regardless, but it sure would be nice being able to read the XSB text without a magnifying glass 😉
  6. After 16 years of flying in MSFS, I bought X-Plane last week after thinking about it for a very long time. I am absolutely loving XP except for when it comes to flying online. The text size in messages from controllers and others is absolutely unreadable for me. I got a private message on there last night while flying and couldn't respond till after I landed because I just couldn't read it well enough to know what it said. I really don't want to go back to MSFS for online flights and XP for offline. Does anyone know of a good solution to this? I've searched online and read the XSB manual and it looks like nothing can be done, but I wondered if anyone here had found a solution on their own.
  7. John...can't help you with that, but wanted to say hi. Noticed you're in EVV and I'm down there from time to time. I live near RSV (Robinson, IL). I'm just getting into XP and have already found an area airport I'd like to enhance.
  8. I didn't think that was the issue, but it apparently was. I went ahead and did the install and all is well as far as that part goes. Hoping this cures the controller problems too.
  9. Something strange I noticed: If I start FSX:SE through the Steam client (open Steam, click play for FSX), Steam starts an install dialog like FSX isn't already installed. I cancel the install and after that, my CH yoke and pedals are no longer recognized in Windows. If I instead navigate to the FSX folder and double-click fsx.exe, FSX starts the way it should and everything works according to plan. Has anyone else seen an issue like this? There is a separate thread in this forum regarding controls suddenly not being recognized, but nothing in that thread mentioned an issue with the new install attempt when starting FSX via Steam client. This issue just started over the last week or so.
  10. I did what you suggested vortex and so far it seems to have helped. Thank you!
  11. Thank you very much for that info! I've still been fighting the problem off and on and had wondered if Steam might have anything to do with it. I'll give what you said a try.
  12. I rebooted and Windows installed updates. Now the yoke and pedals seem to be working again. Crossing my fingers that they'll continue to work.
  13. Well, it did it again. After using System Restore, everything returned to normal and I could use the yoke and pedals as usual. Tonight, FSX stopped seeing them again and Windows sees them but doesn't know what they are. No clue how to proceed.
  14. Same thing happened to me. Suddenly, my CH yoke and pedals ceased to be recognized. I wound up doing a system restore back a couple days and that fixed it.
  15. Thanks very much for the info! I don't plan to get any add on aircraft for the time being, so that shouldn't be a big problem. I enjoy GA flying, so the included 172 should work very well for me. If I ever build a new computer, I may consider some more complex aircraft. For now, I can always use FSX or FS9 if I want to use the ones I already have.
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