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Airbus autopilot waypoint turn calculation and ATC

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I've recently begun to use Pro ATC X together with Aerosoft's Airbus 32x latest edition and there's one issue which seems to be peculiar in conjunction with the bus (apparently not with other aircraft). Obviously, when flying with any kind of ATC addon, I'm expected to meet a WP or be reasonable close to it (whatever the threshold calculation for the actual distance is in Pro ATC).


Now the problem is that the bus AP sometimes calculates an "inside turn" (not sure if this is the right term), i.e. it begins the turn into the new heading at some point before the actual WP, sometimes it calculates a loop which puts the WP directly onto the flight path. Pro ATC seems to have problems with

either approaches, i.e. in the first case, I've had situations where it wouldn't activate the next WP because the previous was never met, in the second case it tries to vector me towards the WP when the "outbound loop" starts.


Now this might be a Pro ATC issue, but I vaguely remember from a long time ago when flying with RadarContact (and a different bus < FS2004) that there was something like being able to influence this behavior somewhere, either in the ATC/RC settings or in the AP configuration?


I wonder if anyone who's also flying the bus with Pro ATC can shed some insight here... Already posted on the respective support forums but it seems this is an "interface" problem between 2 add-ons and neither feels "responsible".




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I don't have Pro ATC, but there is an Overfly button on the Airbus FMGC, bottom right. If you click this, then the LSK adjacent to the next waypoint, you can force the aircraft to overfly the waypoint, rather than moving straight on to the next one.


This may help.



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