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Painting Equipment Decals?

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Hello everyone.


I truly hope someone can help, as I am at the end of my rope. I scoured the internet and can find absolutely no information on this,

the PMDG Paint Kit tutorials on Youtube shows how to do everything except for how to paint the decals for the equipment.


I do it the same as with all other .PSD and .DDS files, but keep ending up with only the the parts of the decal showing where the "PMDG" letters were on the template. I even created layer from background and erased the PMDG logo, but it makes no difference...

PLEEAASSE HEEELP... "sob" "sob" "sob"


The documentation that comes with the Paint Kit doesn't even mention the equipment decal file.


Thanks in advance.




Hentie Loots.

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When I was trying to repaint I had the same problem, you have to edit the "alpha channel". If you google that you should find a good tutorial.


Hope that help

Brendan Wong

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OK. This issue I got sorted.


I had to create a new alpha channel using a mask, save that as a 32bit .tga file, open the .tga file and then save it as

a .DDS file.

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