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  1. Hi byork, Sorry in advance, I wasn't sure if it was better to make a new thread or revive one of the others. I believe this is the same issue has the following threads: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been a user of FS2Crew for the PMDG NGX for around 4 years now (Across P3D and FSX). Due to other commitments, I haven't flown as much generally or the 737 specifically over the last six months or so. A few days ago I reactivated FS2Crew and since have had issues with sound loss then later, CTD on all NGX flights. I had experienced this issue in the past but never regularly or consistently enough to really bother looking into it. The sound loss appeared to be random during the flight, almost always in cruise. This sound loss is the same as in as in the threads above where the product continues to function and all commands work, however, no audio output occurs. If I fiddled with audio reset options or just generally other options the sim would eventually either lock up or crash (normally ntdll.dll). After reading through the above threads I realised that cruise on almost all flights, a checklist was normally inadvertently started (95% of the time it was "descent" but also the NNC). My response to any uncalled for checklists has always just been to call "cancel the checklist" straight away which matched the above descriptions. As it was during the cruise, I wasn't expecting a response from the F/O, so even if the audio disconnected, it was not immediately noticeable. Tonight after doing a test flight and the same issue occurring I began to dig into the issue. My testing confirmed that it was indeed the phrase "cancel the checklist". Any time that phrase was used (during a checklist or not in a checklist), bar once on SOP 3 while the program was waiting for a user response, audio died. I then found that calling it twice in a row resulted in a CTD without fail. Again independent of the checklist status. This can be reproduced on my end by simply: 1. Start sim, load into NGX at any airport 2. Open FS2Crew panel 3. say "Cancel the checklist", pause, "Cancel the checklist" 4. The sim crashed, faulting module ntdll.dll. Below is CVR log after the sim had crashed. System Details: Windows 10 Pro 1803 (17134.345) Prepar3D V4.3 NGX: 1.20.8885 FS2Crew: V3.1 Spec Summary CPU: i5-8600K MOB: MSI Z370-A Pro Ram: 8GB DDR 4 GPU: GTX 960 2GB Things attempted during troubleshooting: 1. Toggle activation of FS2Crew in Control Panel 2. All 3 SOPs (Including calling checklist at different locations and phases as well as in combination with other checklist commands, i.e. pause, resume, restart, etc) 3. Turning off exclusive priority in sound settings 4. Turning off USB power setting 5. Testing with only one audio device active (As opposed to headset + speakers) 6. Uninstalled Realtek drivers and inbuilt windows drivers 7. Reinstalled Realtek drivers from MOB drivers page. 8. Reset FS2Crew audio One more thing to note, this is a different Windows install and MOB/CPU to my previous regular FS2crew usage, however, I do remember the issue occuring prior to this (less regularly). I'm really hoping this issue is reproducible for others as its clearly evident on my system. Thanks Brendan
  2. QFA1213

    Whole fleet livery packs?

    I'm not sure about Emirates but we have made all Qantas 737 in the 2007/8 livery. That was released close to 9months ago now and there is a complete overall coming out in the next week or so. https://www.facebook.com/ausflightsim/?fref=nf Thanks Brendan Wong Dev AusFS
  3. While I'm only a desktop pilot myself, spoken to a few pilots and have gathered the QF lighting procedures, if possible could these be added to the next update (SOP 1)? Before Taxi: Taxi light - ON Wing light - ON Runway Turnoff - ON After Takeoff: (I believe this part already happens) Taxi Lights - OFF Turnoff lights - OFF Retractable Landing Lights - OFF Passing 10000 Wing - OFF Logo - OFF Landing Lights - OFF Passing 10000 decent Fixed Landing - ON Runway Turnoff - ON Taxi- ON Logo - ON Wing - ON Turning into Gate Wing - OFF Taxi - OFF Runway Turnoff - OFF Also if it's possible on the ground, nav lights are only used at night. I'm not quite sure what flows should be but during a missed approach it doesn't make sense to turn off lights if you're returning to the same airport. (Maybe Approach Brief Option - Missed Approach: Diversion or Another Attempt or similar) One last thing, I understand that this would be harder to implement due to voice files but is there any chance of getting the Fuel check during the before start checklist like in the original NGX FS2Crew. Thanks Brendan
  4. QFA1213

    Study sim +

    I'm pretty sure that's a part of FSUIPC autosave which subsequently saves a panel state.
  5. QFA1213

    Another RNP topic

    Doesn't look like my post was clear enough, I agree that PMDG have never mentioned any changes to their structure. I was just trying to make the issue raised in the OP clearer. But as initially raised, the use of procedures with RF is increasing so sooner or later I see them having to implement it, the timescale, who knows. I have coded my own RNP procedures before and the lack of RF makes it painful to make and to actually fly it.
  6. QFA1213

    Another RNP topic

    The real aircraft can do RF turns (Radius to Fix) turns where the plane flies an arc. Currently, the PMDG aircraft don't support this so arcs are made by placing lots of fake fixes along the arc.
  7. Thank you so much. I've spent over a week doing the various methods to upgrade and was about to post on the Microsoft Forum when i stumbled onto this. Thank you!
  8. QFA1213

    RF Legs? (curved)

    I've had the NGX for just over two years now but I've been reading posts previous posts about RF segments being added in the future. Although I don't have any other PMDG aircraft I'm pretty sure it is relevant the 777 and 747 as well. The last one I found was this one in almost two years ago: I just was wondering if this is still happening and if so can you give any sort of time frame? (I know PMDG don't like giving time frames with how fiddly code can be) I fly Qantas 737-800 (virtually) and RNAV approaches are used at nearly every airport. Even if ARINC-424 isn't finished, is there any possibility to at least hide fixes because doing approaches like this (http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/dap/BBNGN13-140.pdf) Result in most of the ND being covered (unless you use a very small range) in arc fixes making the real fixes hard to see especially when combined with the missed approach track. (http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/dap/BBNGN14-140.pdf) Thanks
  9. I think this is the reason that many flight sim developers don't give firm dates. Ultimately PMDG aren't delaying for no reason, they are trying to make a better product for us. I imagine that often fixing one thing would have a ripple effect breaking other things.
  10. QFA1213

    [Beta Preview] NGX SP1d

    As much as i really want SP1D, especially the wx radar. I think we all must remember that the longer we wait now, the better product we will have for the next year or two until another update, hopefully SP2, is released. Almost weekly there are posts saying so and so should be added, in fact even in this thread are still requests, so give PMDG time and you will have better luck getting these things added. Isn't it better to wait an extra week or two to have extra features for the next two years? Brendan Wong
  11. QFA1213

    Painting Equipment Decals?

    Hi, When I was trying to repaint I had the same problem, you have to edit the "alpha channel". If you google that you should find a good tutorial. Hope that help Brendan Wong