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  1. Only Guenseli's avatar fits in well ;-) ooh, and mine does too :-)
  2. How does it run without dll and exe.xml?
  3. I really like WAMA, works wonders! I can now walk from my plane (in avatar mode) to my nearby parked BMW and drive to my next airplane on the other side of the airfield. Jump out of the car as avatar and then into that plane Like someone else, I too have a request for a possible update/upgrade: I would like it if either on the settings page (ai model) or on the page where you can load a flightplan, these things could be combined. Assigning a plan to your parked ai plane, lets say to depart in 30 min. This would make it possible to fly formation with the ai as leader or simply have the ai transport a plane to another airfield. Thanks and kind regards,
  4. I could use that. From AS LEMG to FT EHAM in the PMDG 737, with 32bit clouds still, and got one FSUIPC beep: 14775312 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 878864 14785328 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 980088 14795359 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 1016668 14805391 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 1017724 14825453 Monitor IPC:024C (S32) = 1007100 14831625 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 14703 secs = 40.5 fps 14831625 Max AI traffic was 235 aircraft 14849984 === Calling SimConnect_Close ... 14850187 === SimConnect_Close done! 14851187 System time = 21/12/2016 18:08:12, Simulator time = 18:02:07 (17:02Z) 14851187 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Minimum frame rate was 9.3 fps, Maximum was 151.5 fps Minimum available memory recorded was 767Mb Average frame rate for running time of 14703 secs = 40.5 fps Maximum AI traffic for session was 235 aircraft Memory managed: 7953 Allocs, 7953 Freed ********* FSUIPC Log file closed ***********
  5. Best Schiphol scenery I have ever seen, with best performance too. Today with ASN weather there was a very thin fog groundlayer. Houses, buildings and trees were sticking out of this layer. I was amazed to see this on a picture during the review of todays weather in the evening news/weather forecast.
  6. You could also configure custom fly-by camera's. The effect is about the same. With their initial position right in front of the plane a few hundred meters below and a good zoom level. Then one at the same level or higher for when touching down.
  7. I would try first with what you have. I had a i5-3570k (overclocked) together with an R9-290x and it was sufficient for the Rift, Settings in P3D don't need to be that high because of the resolution in the Rift. The 3d experience was great but I'm back on my monitor now because of that, I kept focusing on the RGB cells within the pixels ...joking, but you can see them if you look closely. You gonna need FlyInside for shure. kind regards
  8. Indeed, but it shouldn't be a mess. Just a single 'oh he forgot that', they are humans too and make mistakes. :smile:
  9. After flying the PMDG 737 and 777 for so looong and enjoying it to the max, there's one important phase in this study sim that could be improved upon in my opinion. Thats the pre-flight check. I start to feel really dumb doing this check knowing every knob, switch and lever is in the same position as it was yesterday and 'ahum' the hundreds of flights previously. I can dream that by now. The idea is that it would be nice to have an option in the FMC which makes the sim load from random PanelState files. Call it 'Post maintenance', First flight o/t day', or simply 'New driver' mode. In these PanelState files, the aircraft would be kind of in a C&D or return state, but knobs, switches and levers could be in different positions. In worst cases press. switch to 'manual' or flap handle in flaps 40 position while flaps are up. Could be fun if unnoticed Thanks and regards, Gerrit Kranenbarg
  10. I am not sure what specifically you are looking for, I use FsMovMap2 and I love it. It's free and shows AI and weather as well. [edit] Got it now, ^ not what you are searching for
  11. Or developers like PMDG could do their tutorial flights per Sim Director?
  12. I found it quite funny at first when I saw this little circle of AG below me from 35k feet. Wonder why they decided to let AG constantly being drawn even when it has no purpose above 30k feet, the more if that contributes to growing VAS.
  13. Looking very good! I'm working on a similar thing for EBBR. Now i want the AFX to be below the photoscenery, any idea how this is done? I've seen it in several (payware) scenery's.Regards, Gerrit
  14. Same here with ATI, menu blurries (not textures :) ) Or sometimes only _ _ _ _ in the menu. Moving some sliders down (scenery and autogen) mostly cures this when going to windowed mode and then back to full screen.Regards, Gerrit
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