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How I got my Surround 5.1 Working!

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For a long time, probably since my last system upgrade, I lost sound in my rear speakers for FS9, FSX, and CD music. Over a year ago I made a similar post requesting help to no avail. I am using onboard sound with six Creative speakers. I decided to pursue this issue again this morning and found a solution for my system. If someone has a similar problem, I thought this might possibly be of some help.



1. I believe everything was always hooped up correctly and the root sound system was working as it should for the following 2 reasons.

a. ln the Win7 Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound>Advanced>Test provisions, Sound cycles through all six speakers.

b. In the RealTek HD Audio Manager Speaker tests, each speaker responds to cycling or manually clicking on each one.

c. I have a PlusDeck 2C Tape player installed. To my surprise, all fsix speakers respond beautifully when playing music from a tape.



In the Win7 Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound>Enhancements options be sure that the following three options are checked. I don't know which one does the trick, or which ones could be omitted and do not want to touch anything it is now working so well. All speakers respond beautifully in both FS9 and FSX as well when playing a CD now.

I. Environment (Checked)

II. Equalizer (Checked)

III. Room Correction (Checked)


No other options are checked at the moment. My system specs are listed in a duplicate post on the flightsim forum.


Happy flying:




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