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Flight1 DRM versus Win8

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Hi Flavio,


Yes, would agree that in this situation, there is probably something in the Win8/F1 application relationship that is not working well together for you.


But I would disagree that this is inherent with Windows 8.1, rather I would say it's something specific to your Windows 8.1 installation.


I have a number of Flight 1 applications - UT2, RXP, Opus, QW BAE, Britten Islander.. the list goes on a bit more. I've not had this freezing experience, ever.

I can tell you here the sum total of FSX/Windows 8.1 specific issues I've had:

EZDok's World Camera failing to map the correct memory area and thus enable World cameras in the sim. A problem that actually looks to be fixed in the latest beta.

Joystick disconnects. Solved with FSUIPC and a quick registry edit.


These however, are not issues that have been unique to my setup.


Narutokun's post ( I think sums up exactly what I'm trying to say.


I'd look to your W8 installation in the first instance, and look to see where the problem lies.

Regardless of whether or not a developer/publisher currently supports a particular OS or not, they can only support an OS if it works as expected (usually the "Out of the Box" installation).


Correctly configured, W8.1 is great - reliable, fast & secure!


HTH, Leo

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Thanks for your message Leo! Oh, my win 8 is pretty well i assure you! I even never had problem with my joystick.

Answering your post, yes, there are some flight1 addons that works on win8. Witch ones, goes with what parameters are selected by the developers when they wrap their addons. I think there is one parameter that when checked enables a more active protection that is interfering with SO.

The addons you listed probably don´t have this parameter checked when they were wrapped. And yes, i have two of your addons, the Islander and Opus. And they work perfectly here too as well.


See what Mr. Bill said in the last post. More clear than that is impossible!

Anyway, this is old story to me by now, because aparentely there is no interest in the comunity to see this corrected at the moment and the issue is identified but only one person can deal with it, the f1 wrapper developer.


Only future will tell what is going to happen. Imagine if the wrapper don´t work with Win10 either....

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