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Running NG737 in different MS Folder ( not default)

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Hello,  i had to uninstall FSX a month or so back...due to just accumlutation of problems and crashing, etc...

build it all back up from the ground up.   that much is accomplished.  ( i have a couple dozen "Add-On's, sceneries, Patchs, fixs, updates, etc...)

one thing i did this time, after hearing for "years'...that it is actually 'optimum' create and 'run'...the FSX program,  in a different folder on your

computer,  'other' than....Programs/Microsoftgames/etc.....    i placed mine,  one level under the C:/ drive....  Not buried 8 levels deep,  in the Programs files.

all seems to run ok there so far.    but attempting to 're-install' the PMDG,  and despite that even during the 'install process',  it showed my new folder as

"install here"...... after finishing,  when i go to load the AC..... it's not working.   


how do you go to the registry,  and make any changes there,  to accommodate this?    i am NOT experience in the Registry at all.    so i know this can really be risky,

if you don't know what your doing.    also,  is it possible  ( if it's necessary)  to go ahead and install the PMDG in the Microsoft default folder, 

but...have all my other stuff along with the FSX program itself,  in the 'new spot'....and would still work?    i'm a bit confused when it comes to this stuff. 

any help or ideas,  as to ...' aircraft isnt' loading back up correctly?    would appreciate any help?   thx! 

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Full names in the PMDG forums please.


I and many many others have installed FSX in non-default location. Mine is C:\FSX.  I am not sure of your problem, you wrote "it showed my new folder as "install here" but where is here?  The PMDG installed looks for the location of FSX from the registry, so it will find FSX no matter where you put it, even on a different drive.


Where did the PMDG installer put the PMDG and navdata folders? They should be under FSX for example C:\FSX\PMDG.  Because there are a lot of moving parts, I wouldn't put the PMDG install in a different location.


You can get assistance directly from PMDG by visiting their web site and selecting the PRODUCT SUPPORT links, open and create a support account and open a trouble ticket.

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I have multiple FSX copies, along with the NGX on different drives, and have also had

2 copies on the same drive partition at one time. They all work just fine here, with no

tweaking at all. The only thing that happens if I change FSX copies, is the scenery database

rebuilds when restarting the sim. The NGX works the same as always, being it's going by the

same C drive registry entries no matter which FSX copy or drive I'm on.

My everyday FSX is on my F drive.. Not my C boot drive. But I also have FSX copies on my

J and T drives.. The NGX runs just fine on any of them.

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