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Two work arounds

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not really a fix, but may help. The cabin pressure setup is difficult to adjust. I now can get it every time. Go to the view where you are looking down on the adjustment console, throttles need to be out of the way first. Turn on all the knobs and switches. Then place the cursor hand with the finger on the letter N of the word cabin. The engines may need to be spooling up. That's when I usually set up my cabin pressure. I get this to work by using the wheel on my mouse. 2. Power,, or lack of. This is no mystery to most people. Go into the citation folder, make a back up copy of the configuration. Open and scroll down to thrust scalar 1. Change this line to - thrust scalar 1.2. You now have a great deal more thrust. I tried 1.3 but it was way too much. Realistic? Of course not! But until Caranado gives us something better it will hold us over. After increasing the thrust scalar I can climb like a fighter and the take off is dramatic. Easily make FL310 now or higher.

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 I have changed the

[flight_tuning] section to

induced_drag_scalar    = 1.18  // ORG 1.2


with good results, climb is now  acceptable.


for those where the spoiler have worked to strong:


Open S550.air (withe AirEd), section 1101 Primary Aerdynamics

search for drag then drag Coefficient- Spoiler i set now 40. ORG was 60.

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