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If you want more thrust to climb...

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If you are familiar with air file tweaks it is a matter of changing tables 1503 and 1504 to fix thrust vs IAP (inverse air pressure).


Or someone can send me the air file and I can do a quick adjustment and host it. It won't be spot on and might screw with your N1 readings but at least you won't struggle as much to climb.


I don't have the plane but tweaking the air file is not too difficult to do, I'll just need someone to test it.

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In the Aircraft.cfg file i made an adjustment to the static thrust entry


I changed it from 2500 to 2600 and for me that made the difference enough to keep parameters within acceptable limits


so in the aircraft.cfg it should look like this.........




fuel_flow_gain =       0.001 
inlet_area=             7.35 
rated_N2_rpm=          31777
static_thrust=          2600 
afterburner_available=     0 
reverser_available=     0.55 

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Yep that's an easy way to aid in climb performance.


However - it is important to note - by adjusting the static_thrust, this directly affects your max thrust at sea level (that, after all, is what the static thrust is supposed to be for).


This indirectly will then affect thrust at altitude because you basically have more thrust output at all altitudes.


Now the reason I suggested adjusting the air file is that this is the only proper way to adjust throttle setting vs altitude. If the plane feels sluggish or slow on takeoff or flying at low altitudes, then by all means increase the static_thrust.


If the plane flies correctly at sea level (i.e. takeoff performance is accurate), then just use an adjusted .air file.


To clarify further, it'd need to be a combination of tables 1502-1507 that needs to be tweaked to get proper high altitude performance.

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