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Adding an ADF Panel to the Alabeo C195

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Hi all,


I've recently picked up the Alabeo C195 (beautiful aircraft!), but I'm a little upset that it's missing an ADF radio.


I've never done any aircraft modifications before, but I get the sense that it's somewhat possible through editing the cfg files. 


What is the easiest way to accomplish this, is there even a way to actually add an ADF radio to the radio stack on the C195?  There seems to be a free space, but I might just be wishful thinking.  A 2D functional panel will suffice.  

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1) Open the panel.cfg with Notepad.

2) Add Windowxx=ADF

3) Add this after the last window where xx is the next Window number:


window_size= 0.271, 0.124
window_pos= 0.729, 0.006

gauge00=Bendix_king_radio!Bendix-King Radio ADF,  0,0,180,50
gauge01=CessnaWAlpha!ADF_alpha,  181,0,60,50


Where xx is the latest window number you added.


It will place a sub-window in the upper right corner with the ADF radio and the ADF indicator gauge.


You will have to make sure you have the two gauges in either the Panel folder or your Gauges folder. They are both in the C172.


If you have any questions you can PM me and I'll help you out. Or we can chat on Skype.




P.S. I forgot to tell you it will appear in the Views-Instrument Panel as ADF

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