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If I moved FS9 from Win 7 (x64) to Win XP (x64) ?

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This wouldn't be for a while as I am abroad and won't have access to my FS PC for several months yet, but...


I know XP is no longer supported but I still have an installation disc for XP x64 and I am thinking of adding it as a dual boot to the Win 7 x64 PC I use just for FS9/FSX... for the sole reason that I would be able to use FSHotSFX again!


I wouldn't need to do anything to my current FS folder, I can of course use the same folder for XP after installing the FS9 (& FSX, though I rarely fly that) DVDs. Some payware would need to be reinstalled for the license to show, but otherwise...


But what would be the downsides, if any?? Is there any evidence that FS actually runs better in any way on Windows 7 than XP? Or any other reason not to run FS on Win XP?


Ideas welcome. Thanks.




Didn't realise my last post on this was so recent. Sorry, I should have continued with that thread, but some further details of any disadvantages would be useful for me..



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I'm about to do the same thing Martin - so I'm hoping for advice on this topic also

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One or two people have hinted at better performance in Windows 7 but I haven't heard exactly how this shows itself in FS9 or FSX.


I can't do anything about trying XP (x64) out until September though, when I will be in the UK for a month, but by then maybe there will be enough information to make a decision!


I already run FS9 on an XPS (M1730) laptop here with XP x64 and I have no issues with drivers (for Saitek X52 mainly, I don't use pedals), but the laptop is 10 years old now (state of the art in  its day!), so not the best machine to use to come to any conclusions! Great to have FSHotSFX working though!



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