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FSX:SE or Prepar3D - I'm split between

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Apparently my FSX DX10 is starting to act really strange since I did a full reinstall of Win7 etc over a month ago. I'm one of those having issues with VAS still with the DX10 fixer enabled, but in scenarios without a lot of clouds, I can barely make it between payer airports in the NGX or PMDG 777  :lol: All this talk about FSX:SE and VAS, performance, FPS etc has gotten me exited, naturally, and since many add ons now are getting compatible with the steam version I though the time has come for change. I don't know whether all ORBX scenery add ons are yet compatible, and ASN is still not working. 


However, PMDG 777's release for Prepar3D is also very exiting, and I expect the release of the NGX to raise equal excitement. I have the academic license for Prepar3D, but to be fair, it seems FSX:SE handles VAS a lot better than Prepar3D despite what LM has done with the game. I can definitely see the point about why switch to Prepar3D when you still have to turn down all sliders to get similar performance like FSX. Nevertheless, its a different engine that is being constantly updated and improved. 


I think this is an issue for several others right now with the PMDG products being released for Prepar3D. I mean, if you could install the game and add ons within an hour, why not test both? However the sad reality as we all know it is that it takes at least 6-7 hours minimum to install every bit  :wacko:

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