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Advice on gfx card

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I know this kind of topic is already beaten to death, but...


I have this old Radeon 6870HD graphic card which once in a while, when I remember, I always ask myself if this was a smart purchase as I had back then an Intel CPU (a Q9400 I guess) and now I still have an Intel CPU, but a i5 3570k OCed at 4.4GHz.

From what I learned from past readings is that FSX likes Intel and Nvidia and one shouldn't do mixes with AMD cpus and gfx cards.


If I change to a nvidia card, lets say a GTX 660, 660TI or 760 would I have any real gain in my FSX? <- there are far better cards, I know!! ;)


I really don't want to spend too much money with a possible gfx card swap, as the time goes by, I have less and less time to sit in front of the computer.

Still, if any of those 3 cards would improve my experience comparing to what I have now, I might be whiling to give a couple hundred euros and lie to my wife when assembling the new parts! :D




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