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Using the grey INCR-DECR friction slider on your HOTAS Warthog as a Condition Lever (FSUIPC settings)

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If you guys want to use the grey incr/decr slider on your Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS to control your Condition Lever (the slider that is basically just to the right of the throttles), set the following:


  1. In FSUIPC (Registered Version), go to Axis Assignment tab, and move the grey friction slider so it is active
  2. On the left side, click the "Send to FS as normal axis" option, and in the top drop down box select "Mixture Set"
  3. Now go to the Joystick Calibration tab and go to "Page 2 of 11: Prop, mixture and brakes"
  4. Under mixture, click set
  5. For the lowest setting, set your lever to about -6500 then click Set, for your upper setting, choose about 6450 on the lever then click Set. (My values are -6521 and 6464).
  6. Check that when you are on the detent, (i.e. input value of 0, and the slider halfway) your output value is around 70.
  7. Slope can be left at 0

This is an easy way without needing to fiddle around the Target software or anything else.


In conclusion:


Lever at bottom: CUT OFF


Lever at 0 detent: GROUND IDLE


Lever at top: FLIGHT IDLE


Happy flying!

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