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VC view frozen

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Originally on my PMDG 737 I could select a VC view from the FSX dropdown VIEWS menu > VC cockpit and then select from a variety of panel views from the 737's cockpit.  Once on the selected view I could then move about that view with my pointer and select any button, switch, or control when the pointer turned into the appropriate cupped palm or index finger.  I could also use my mouse wheel to move towards or away form the selected panel.  If I tapped the SPACE bar a plus ( + ) sign would appear in the center of the screen and using my mouse's trackball I could then move to any part of the cockpit and not be limited only by the boundries of my selected panel's view.  At this point all worked perfectly as it had in the past.




Yesterday I wanted to program this to my joystick and I programmed various functions to various joystick buttons.  That did not work out well because after a shutdown and restart and reloading of the 737 and selecting a virtual cockpit view that view was totally frozen.  I could not move the point of view with my mouse's trackball.  I could not hit the SPACE bar and move my view point to see almost all parts of the cockpit. I could still move my viewpoint towards or away from the particular selected screen with my mouse wheel but that was about all.




As it stands now the airplane is virtually unflyable.  With the help of anyone who might be able to, what I would like to accomplish is to return the airplane's view manipulation to it's default state as when I installed it.  This state is outlined in the first paragraph above.




Any thoughts or help will be most appreciated.  Having become totally addicted to this airplane my failure in correcting this may result in my having to open my veins.




Thank you in advance, Gentlemen 

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Quoted from your original post this morning:


"I think you'll get a better response if you ask this in the FSX forums as it seems to be a problem stemming from your joystick and mouse assignments. "


There is no need to continue making threads on the same issue.



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