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NVidia Display driver crash while overflying Blue Sky Scenery Missoula (KMSO)

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Last night during a group flight I was overflying KMSO so as to join the circuit for landing, only to have the NVidia display driver crash. Not FSX, mind you, but the display driver itself. Windows 7 (64-bit) restarted the thing, but FSX needed a restart as well to get everything working again. I retried, only to have exactly the same happen again. This is with Blue Sky Scenery's KMSO AFCAD. I was told by the writer of that AFCAD, who is a member of our sunday-night group, that he used only stock FSX buildings, but he thought there was some known problem with DX10 and some bitmaps in stock FSX buildings.


I ran the fixer's configuration dialog, which told me I had a 8-bit option I never heard about turned on, and please don't. After a long search I found the option and disabled it, but this did not make a difference. Now that I think about it, I did not change any setting other than turn on DX10 and install the fixer's libraries, so I might have other things turned on that may cause problems without me knowing it. The documentation I have of the fixer has different dialog layouts, so I don't really know what a reasonable set of settings is. I do know that I get a lot of stuttering (low FPS I suppose) on airpots with a lot of buildings.


Who can tell me if the crash is a known thing and I can prevent it with checking (or unchecking) an option? Also, what would be a good set of options in the dialog (v2.7) to enable/disable to get good performance? At the moment I get nice performance alone, but stuttering when using shadows and several aircraft are around, or when there are a lot of (stock) buildings. I saw practically all options in the "Debug" group turned on, which could be an issue, but then again, I did not set anything myself.

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A driver crash is very unlikely to have any connection with DX10SF or its settings.


DX10SF alters shader code and the way that GPUs are designed it is difficult if not impossible for a shader to cause a crash.


All settings in the debug dialog should be set on - the screen is perhaps misleadingly named yet I just cannot think of a better name. Its a screen of options that I can use to revert or experiment with older versions of DX10SF if for example a new build cause issues with a particular aircraft.


The default settings are ok although I prefer the steve profile settings.


It you can consistently reproduce a crash at the same location then try uninstalling the DX10SF libraries to see if the crash still occurs.


Do you have the latest driver? Have you checked your GPU termperature?

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