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Keeping Speakers beside LCD Monitor

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I need an advice regarding my speaker, sub woofer and printer  placement.

I have an Altec Lancing 2.1 Speakers with a sub woofer. I am using an Acer 19" LCD Monitor. Currently I have kept the Speakers and the sub woofers below my APC UPS (as there are frequent fluctuations in power supply). I recenly upgrading to Core i7 (my old system was a Core 2 Duo, I have only upgraded the CPU rest of the parts I have retained of my old system), I am planning to keep my speakers next to the LCD Monitor, but I will keep the Sub woofer next to the APC UPS. In such placement, will the speakers harm my LCD Monitor and will the APC UPS harm the sub woofer in any way or should I continue with my present setting.

My APC UPS is currently placed in the middle row of the table...I am planning to shift it with the sub woofer below and its place will be occupied by the printer.

I am sorry to ask this type of question here, but I really need some advice as I have read that speakers and sub woofer have magnetic components in them and they can harm the PC.


Please guide me in this .

All help appreciated


Happy Flying,




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Altec Lancing 2.1 Speakers with sub woofer would have a power rating of about 15 watts rms per channel . Each speaker will be using 15 watts continuous power at max volume with transient peaks (microseconds) of 30 watts , that implies small magnets and with an LED display there being no cathode-ray tube there is no reaction to magnets close to the screen.


Re Subwoofer , its magnet is not going to generate a high gauss field locally because of the low wattage at play, what is an issue are vibrations, computer components are plugged into slots and the processor and cooling fan have the most tenuous twist lock hold-downs, these are particularly prone to becoming undone by shock and vibration and can loosen, when this happens the thermal paste no longer functions to its capacity and overheating of the processor is noted under normal conditions of use, typically you will see the machine shut itself down when that happens.


So Small magnets , no issues , strong vibrations can cause issues, damping the subwoofer by putting it on a piece of foam, rubber or cork will help prevent the transmission of low frequency vibrations into the floor and your computer if close by.

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Thanks for the reply Chuck, :rolleyes:

Its now clear that the speakers wont do any harm to the LCD Monitor, but vibrations from the sub woofers will to some extent. I am using altec lancing 2.1 speakers since around 4 years and have kept the sub woofer along with both speaker below the table and the system is  running fine. however the sound quality is little low as the speakers are inside the table a quite low. SO i want to keep them above so that the sound will improve 

Vibrations are there but to reduce the effect of the vibrations on the CPU should I keep the subwoofer on a thermocol sheet.


I would like to give a brief idea of how my system is set up on the table:


On the Table Top lies.................LCD Monitor and a Wifi Router

On the middle row lies................APC UPS (Uninterupted power supply battery)

On the last row lies....................Sub Woofer and 2 speakers

On the right side lies the CPU


As I said I want to place both the speakers beside the LCD Monitor along the the Wifi Router

The middle row will occupy the Printer

The last row will be occupied by the Sub woofer and the APC UPS (Uninterupted power supply battery)


I will be placing the sub woofer on top of a thermocol sheet will it be fine.

And will placing the sub woofer beside the APC UPS (Uninterupted power supply battery) cause any problem to the sub woofer.

This is all I need to know.


Take care :rolleyes:

Happy flying




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