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777 extension date offer

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Hi guys,

first of all I know this post might give rise to controversy, but it is not my intention.

I would like to understand why you have extended the date for the discount on the 777. Although it is a good thing for many people, I think it's not serious towards those who, like me, did maybe waivers to buy your product within March 7th, and now it turns out that he could manage his budget in a different way. I know this thing make you laugh a lot, but from a company that wrote long post explaining their trade policy, I did not expect this. I repeat, it is good on one side but not serious especially because it's not pre-announced - well I've read nothing about it  :unsure:

Or probably you have seen that too many people in the end have not bought the product, and they probably will not buy at $135... Well I don't know but this is only my humble opinion.


Anyway thanks for your great products!

I've bought the 777 and I will buy the 737NGX both for P3D, and at this point I'd like to know if the 737 offer will be extended as well  :wink:



Massimo Solimbergo

Massimo Solimbergo | MY PC =  MoBo: Asus ROG Strix Z390-H CPU: Intel I7-9700K + Noctua NH-D15 RAM: G.Skill 16GB 2400Mhz CL15 GPU: GTX1080 SSD: Samsung 970PRO 512GB + 840 PRO 512GB OS: Win10Pro 64 Monitor: Samsung SJ55W PERIF: Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog | Saitek ProPedals SIM:  P3D v4.5 WX: ASP4+ASCA+TOGA EnvText+REX EF Planes: FSLabs A320 | PMDG 777 | A2A C182 | RealAir Lancair Sceneries: ORBX | FlightBeam | FSDreamteam | Simwings | Aerosoft | FlyTampa | 29Palms | UK2000 Utilities: Navigraph FMS+Charts Subscription  | SimElite Time Fixer | PFPX | TOPCAT VA: UKvirtual (www.ukvirtual.co.uk) + UAL (www.united-virtual.com) + ICX (www.viaintercity.com) Online Flying Network: VATSIM with VPilot + FLAi model matching (flai.bvartcc.com)

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I don't represent PMDG in any way or form, but my business mind says they're hoping to capitalise on the NGX P3D release and pull in people who want the NGX, see the 777 is also on offer and buy both. Keep in mind this is only speculation based on what I would do.


Either way, discussion of pricing policy is not allowed in afraid :).

Chris Brand

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