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P3D v2.5 OOM from using menus

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For most of us I think using the flight selection menus (select vehicle/weather/time & season/place) will cause OOMs in P3D v2. I am often advised that if I want to make a tube liner flight from one busy area to antoher, I had better start from a saved flight, in order to avoid using these selction menus.


Word is that this is now fixed in version 2.5.


Is this indeed the case?


Can a few folks comment on this?

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Vehicle selection memory issue was fixed in v2.5 - listed in the Learning Center.chm provided with install.


I would still advise for best practices for VAS conservation:


1.  Load P3D

2.  Select your departure location

3.  Select your aircraft

4.  Set your date/time (season)

5.  Set weather to clear

6.  Save flight 

7.  Exit P3D

8.  Double click on saved flight file (*.fxml) from step 6 to load P3D (if .fxml isn't associate with Prepar3d.exe then create the association when prompted by OS)

9.  Fly


Cheers, Rob.

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Beau at LM made an interesting and informative post in this thread here:


This is what he had to say:


This should be improved in the next release. Our texture map pages textures out if they have not been used in 10 seconds. Unfortunately, the timer used to age texture has not been initialized yet when the scenario start-up screen loads. The textures for the aircraft you looked at but didn’t pick will stay loaded until roughly 10 seconds after the simulation finishes loading. This makes it much easier to run out of memory on startup. If you go to the vehicle select screen after the sim is loaded up, the textures should page out ok while in the preview screen. You can still have issues if you scroll too fast though because of the 10 second limit. For the next release, textures will page out in both versions of the vehicle select screen and the textures will page our much more quickly.

Sounds like this might well have a profound impact overall on OOM reduction/VAS management during flight.

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eau at LM made an interesting and informative post in this thread


Correct, that was Jan 2015 ... v2.5 has since been released which resolved the issue.


Cheers, Rob.

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One interesting aside I have found with this is that, as a painter, I normally update the pant by selecting a different aircraft (new for that session) in the vehicle selection screen, loading it in by accepting then loading my test paint aircraft back in after making amendments and saving new textures.


This used to be foolproof in reloading my test paint aircraft but with v2.5 I've found sometimes it doesn't refresh my new paint if I reload it to too quickly or something.


I wonder if this is related?

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