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Just purchased Immersion for P3D. Already have Precipitfx. Installed Immersion. Haven't used it yet. When I reinstalled Precipitfx, both FSX and P3D were checked. I unchecked FSX, as it is not on my computer.


Looks as though I have stock precipitation. Furthermore, when I select light rain, there is nothing.


P3D is latest hotfix. Windows 7 64 bit. Special Effects detail is to max. Special effects distance is medium. Created my own migration tool. All files, registry keys and links pointing to FSX; are deleted. Downloaded latest installer. Uninstalled and reinstalled Precipitfx. P3D is installed on a separate drive. There appear to be 4 files in effects and 8 files in textures with the .bkp extension. I have REX sky, FTX Global and Zinertek airport textures installed.


I would like to get this fixed. Maybe these are new effects with the update. If so, they are not as good as they were a week ago. Perhaps you have pictures of what the various levels of rain and snow should look like while sitting still. That would give me an idea of what things should look like. I really don't think so though. Snow looks like ugly curtains. Not like random flakes.


Your help is anticipated and appreciated.

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I deleted both the PrecipitFX files and the default files they replaced (I have backups). I then reinstalled PrecipitFX. That appears to have fixed the issue.


I do notice that the rain and snow appear to be the same regardless of the intensity settings in ASN. I used manual weather to test. Is this normal?


Perhaps if/when the author has an opportunity to look in on this, he can give me some guidance.



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I have similar issues. I was using PrecipitFX under P3D2.4, and it worked quite well, but after installing P3D2.5 (plus the latest version of PrecipitFX) I seem to get the default "warp speed" rain and snow effects again. The PrecipitFX Contrails and wheel spray etc seem to work fine though.


I had a look through the Effects folder (not entirely sure what to look for) but fx_rainClose.fx and fx_rainDown.fx for example have an 11/11/2014 time stamp and no fsfx_PFX.bkp files, whereas things like fx_contrail_l.fx have a 03/14/2014 time stamp (with a fsfx backup file that has the P3D 11/11/14 date).


I have uninstalled and re-installed PrecipitFX, re-downloaded the latest version, deleted the shaders, but no joy.


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