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I'm trying to INHIBIT and VOR/DME at Scotland, EGPH, VOR/DME - TLA


All entrys I've tried and i get the message - INVALID ENTRY

Also it won't except DCS on L5 top right at the VOR box? Anyone know the logic entry i've looked at the FCOM but doesn't explain much about that.



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You're back! Hope you found the Performance Reference Handbook I recommended useful... anyway...


FCOMv2 11.42.55 - Navigation Options -

- Press PROG button on the CDU,

-  then select LSK 6R NAV STATUS,

- then click the NEXT PAGE button on the CDU keypad.


You should arrive at a page that looks like FCOMv2 11.42.55. Inhibit the required NAVAIDS in the LSK next to the dashed lines, depending on what you need to inhibit. I don't know if you can inhibit individual NAVAIDS on the NGX... never tried myself. Many companies inhibit some of these settings by default as an option, rendering independent insertion of NAVAIDS as not being required unless otherwise stated (usually on tailored charts or other documents). 


Brian Nellis



- I tried TLA (113.80 - TALLA VOR/DME). It didn't work.

- I tried DCS (115.20 - Deans Cross VOR/DME) and it DID work.


so I'd suggest it is a nav data problem, and not an NGX one. I'm using Navigraph Nav Data from DEC14. (can't justify continually updating and it's associated cost).

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Yeh finding the PRH very interesting, thanks alot for the idea :)


Yeh it was just a few i couldn't inhibit for a test!

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