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FSX/PMDG737-800ngx/Topcat/and FSCaptain weights queston

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Hello all I am a long time FSX pilot but I usually don't fly online as my schedule keeps me from knowing if  I can sit for a full flight. That said I am trying to use Topcat with FSCaptain to keep things a little interesting. I typically fly the PMDG 737-800.


I have been having some trouble for quite some time with the weights  FSCaptain gives me and then getting Topcat to accept those wights. I have tried to follow some of the posts regarding this kind of setup but I seem to either be missing something or my base configuration for Topcat and FSCaptain are not matching. So here goes a typical scenario.


I start FSCaptain to get my starting place today it is KSEA I have about 3 hours before I need to be someplace so I choose to fly to Juneau INT (PAJN)

Payload = 31400lb

Fule = 23200lb (not calculatd as payload in topcat)

Passengers = 143 (x175=25025lb)

baggage is configured for each passenger by default at 24lb for a total of 3468

I enter these into Topcat and I see that I am over weight by 172lb (Landing Weight 146472 lb 27.1% MAC) With a message along the bottom in red saying "Extra Load 172lb (Limited by LDW)

Payload-Passengers-baggage=extra weight for cargo mail and other (in Topcat)


6357-3468(Baggage) =2889

So the way I would like to do this is split up 2889lb between cargo mail and other.


But I cannot because my landing weight is over and TopCat won't let me do this

So before I share my configurations for these applications my first question is how can I be overweight if Topcat is showing that I am only using 1/2 of the fule I could and less than full complement of passengers and very small amount of baggage.


Topcat config as follows as best I can

From Passenger & Baggage Weights

Adult 175lb (i only use adults in Topcat so rest is moot and only scheduled flights)

Domestic baggage = 24lb (I only fly domestic)

Topcat Aircraft Data

Boeing 737-800

Cabin Layout C12 Y148

DOW= 94779lb





FSCaptain config for the B738


Absolute Maximum Payload=32000lb

Fule Capacity=45900lb


Now I thought I had everything set in FSCaptain to be lower than what would be accepted in Topcat but as from the above example you can see this is not the case.

Any and all help with this is greatly appreciated and If I did something terribly stoopid    well I will just apologies now :).


I have read this post




 and have entered the info and followed the instructions and tried to adapt it to my needs but I still seem to have failed. 


Lastly my apologies if this has been asked or if this is in the wrong area feel free to move it where it needs to be. 

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Hello NewtGS


This all looks very complicated to me so I apologise if I've not understood correctly.


Could you not dispense with the complex calculations and just enter the ZFW manually in Topcat? That's what I do but I don't use FSCaptain (at least not yet!).


So I select the passengers and cargo in the FMC of the NGX and look at what ZFW that gives. Then I start Topcat and on the Weights and Balance page there is a button on the bottom right side to just manually enter the ZFW. I press that and enter the number then add the fuel in it's section at the top of that page.


Not sure if that answers your question really but it should help with eliminating any errors in the calculations. After all weight is weight and it doesn't matter if that comes from 143 people and 6 bags or 10 very large people and 100 bags - provided the end weight is the same in all your programmes.


Hope that helps.




Stuart Furley

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Thanks for the reply, I will give that a try. 

I think that will work for me and simplify my flight planning as well.


Thanks again Stu!

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