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AI aircraft not in sim (another issue?)

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Hi avsim,


So I was trying this new texture, can't paste a link here I don't know why, so just type in the library search "md11 euro"

as in flight simulator 2004 - ai aircraft


I installed the texture correctly and assigned a fp for it but it never shows up at the airport. I used the DXT3 folder textures.

I really wonder what is the problem, I did exactly right everything I can think of while installing base files and textures and flight plan.


Thanks in advance.

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download aifp2121.zip ai flight planner, a tool you can use to create, edit, and troubleshoot .bgl flight plan files in FS9 and FSX.


Load the plan .bgl file into it and then let it load all of your scenery into it. It will search out the model in your aircraft file and check the aircraft.cfg entries and alert you to schedule errors, missing modwels and paints, etc.


Be sure to read the manuals in it. It will give you the option to download later version 3.


You'll need to point AIFP to your folder where FS9.exe is in the setup if your registry entry is incorrect and then it will find the aircraft folder and also your scenery.cfg to find you installed and default airport scenery.


Errors in their respective windows will be shown in red. This can clue you in as to what might be not working.


Now, being an ai model, it is probably set not to show in the create a flight menu which is normal if designed that way. With aifp get a scheduled stop time and place and then create a spotting flight to see if the aircraft is there.


To trouble shoot, download (no fee involved) the latest fsuipc3 full and interim versions as necessaryfrom:




and then this free Traffic Look utility that runs in its own window:




Park a user aircraft at the near scheduled time at an airport in the flight plan and then fire up traffic look. It can show parked and ground moving as well as enroute ai within the ai rendering range from your parked aircraft. In FS be sure to set it not to pause when switching way from its window. This way you can use alt-tab top switch between traffic look and FS as needed.


ai flight plans are scheduled by universal "zulu" time so use that to place your user aircraft at your desired airport.


Try it out.


Here are some aifp screens:









Ron Ginsberg
KMSP Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Puddles

Support Team


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Hi Ronzie,


thanks for the reply, appreciate it. I don't know what happened but the aircraft is showing up now. I did some tests again with the cfg file by playing around with some values of the fltsim livery and it worked but I really don't know what made the difference :Confused:everything seems the same. Oh well thanks anyway. I also had another livery which had probably the same problem and it's showing up now too.

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