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Need help : SCENERY.CFG error. Failed to add library item...

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Hi guys,


Last weekend I went over from 2.4 to 2.5. I deleted all 5 folders before installing 2.5 and all addon scenery from 2.4 show up in the scenery.cfg file.


Yesterday I installed UTX v2 .

Afterwards I made a flight over the Netherlands where I use photo scenery. All went well.


Today I wanted to see where those entries where in the Scenery Library, but when I clicked Scenery Library in the menu I got the following erorr message :




If I click OK it shows the same window , but with Area 003. After I have clicked all 354 entries I get the library window with only Area 1. All the others do not show up.

However P3D clearly showed all Area.


I have read about removing "Remote"entries. But I have only R behind :

- Default Terrain / Default Scenery / 0005 Base /  Global Objects / Reno / Istanbul / Longleat / Berlin / Edwards_AFB



All suggestions are welcome.

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Check outThe freeware scenery config editor I believe if you don't find it by the time I get back from my run I'll look it up for you and send you the link.


Saved my bacon!



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Hi Chas,


I use SM2004 as Scenery Editor and it works great. 

No problem to use that one. 

I can modify and see my scenery.


Or do you mean that Scenery Config Editor ( which I also have )  can fix the issue so that the Scenery Library will work again ? 

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All I can say is when I updated and re-installed all my Orbx scenery and lately did the same with my UTXUSA v2.1, I got lots of errors and ran SCE to identify and bulk fix the duplicates.


Your problem seems to be LOOSING areas...if SCE can't see them, neither can P3D or FSX.


I was missing all my Orbx stuff, but found an old scenery.cfg file which I incorporated into my Scenery.cfg visa vis SCE.


In order to find old scenery.cfg's I use my absolute favorite file utility, "Everything", using *scenery*.* as my search Params.


It is by I think. It searches/indexes EVERY FILE on MY multi-TB, 7 drive system and it saves my bacon ....and eggs ten times a day.



Typed frum the seat of my parked Appalachia school bus



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According to Scenery Config Editor I have no errors.


However, the scenery.cfg file is the one from 2.4 and I have a "Remote= "entry at the bottom of every area.

As far as I have read I now  need to delete all 354 Remote entries.... 


Better make a batch file which removes all lines instead of manually.

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Use notepad++ or any decent editor to do a search & replace space for offending text



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And what zakly does "Remote" mean?

See you guys in 2 days... :wacko:

Dooood! Global search & Replace is a ONE STEP OPERATION!!!


See ya in a freeking eye blink!



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Just to let you know that everything is back to normal after having removed all Remote= entries...

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