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Mu2 v1.3

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Any chance that these 2 things can be fixed?


1. Plane will still not load in a cold/dark state - battery & avionics still on by default even though the flight file has them set to off - is there any way that we can get this plane to load C&D?...or if not C&D then at least in the previous state you left it in the last time you parked it? Either way would be fine.


2. Flight Director wing will not follow glideslope during LPV approaches using the gtn750. Dunno if this helps but I notice that often the g/s indicator will reset itself for no apparent reason during the approach by sliding all the way back up the AI & ADI, then back down quickly again...this happens after you've been manually following it for awhile.


Another thing I've noticed is that if you enable NAV mode on the ground without setting HDG mode (due to the nav course being within 20-30 degress of the takeoff runway heading), even though the NAV light says captured the f/d doesnt follow it and instead just follows YOU and whichever way you roll/turn.


One last thing I'm going to mention (and this is still a left over bug from the C441 which I've mentioned a long time ago) is that there is supposed to be an invisible popup clickspot on the gtn750's left-side bezel (vc mounted unit) but it is not there. I had to borrow the one you made from the control panel and put a copy of it on the left side of the gtn unit.

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Same here in v1.3, ILS capture (with GTN unit) and APR hold is immaculate. After that I tried the Bowerman RNAV rwy 24 LPV approach. Glideslope was sensed by the HSI (needle reacted) however activating APR did not work. Light would not come on and APR mode would not activate (GNT unit in GPS mode of course).

After that I followed the approach by hand and saw the HSI glideslope indicator/needle reset itself and move from view before landing. 

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