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VRInsght M panel

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Has anyone used the M Panel by VR Insight with X-Plane 10?



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Works for me and allows for displaying and altering the values. XPUIPC (free) and VRiSim (also free) needed of course.


You have to tick the the 'for Non-MSFS' option and should be ready to go with almost all features working. The flap switch might need an extra assignment though but the gear, radios and AP work out of the box.

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Thanks for the reply. I am new to X-Plane, or will be when I finish a computer that will run it smoothly. Where is the "non-MSFS" option? Where are XPUIPC and VRiSim available?



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Late reply, sorry for that, Paul. :blush:


XPUIPC is freely available here and the VRiSim is the software to run your M-Panel, so it's also free and comes via the VRInsight download section.


As for the Non-MSFS option within, that's just a checkmark to make sure that VRiSim isn't looking for the fsx or fs9.exe, so it will happily connect to the XPUIPC module to then run as if it was connected to one of the MS sims.


If you leave this option off, it will just complain that the sim is not running, so that's where you disable this check and therefore are able to connect to anything delivering the correct data. In our X-Plane world, that's the XPUIPC module 'impersonating' FSUIPC.


While we're at it, once you have this X-Plane module installed, you can connect all sorts of 'MS only' tools to the sim unless they would need very specific data. Might come in handy at times. :smile:

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Instructions for making GEAR and FLAPS work with VRinsight M-panel in X-plane 11:

  1. Install VRiSim program. This program needs to run in the background, when you want to use any VRi product in any of the fsims

  2. Check that the accompanying SerialFP/M-Panel Key Mapper program is also installed.

  3. The program VRiSim uses FSUIPC in FSX, so you need the equivalent XPUIPC-plugin installed in X-plane 10/11. I use version

  4. OPEN file MPanl.ini met Notepad in C:\Program Files (x86)\VRInsight\bin\ (or wherever you installed it)

  5. FIND reference to the correct KeyMap1 location under   [Aircraft17]    ; X-Plane via XFUIPC . It should read:  KeyMap1 = ../M-Panel/Keymap/SFP2_MPanl_DEFAULT.dat .     This made the difference for me. So do not use: SFP2_MPanl_XPLM.dat .  You would expect the file SFP2_MPanl_XPLM.dat  to work - because of the XP reference -, but it doesn't.

  6. Open program SerialFP/M-Panel Key Mapper to mapping keys for gear up and down and flaps up and down.

·         click 'Load Keymap'

·         Choose SFP2_MPanl_DEFAULT.dat    !! First make backup copy of this file (...\VRInsight\M-Panel\Keymap\SFP2_MPanl_DEFAULT.dat )before editing it. So you can always go back to the original !!

·          Press OK when pop-up window shows. Ignore it.

·         Click in KeyMapper on the button:  GEAR-Up.

·         Just press on your keyboard (without using mouse) two keys in succession: <Left-Ctrl> and <u>. Now you should see: LCTRL+u

·         Click with mouse on DONE

·         Do the same for: GEAR-Dn : keys <Left-Ctrl> and <d>, FLAP-Up : key <1>, FLAP-Dn : key <2>.

·         Press OK at bottom when you are done mapping the 4 keys with Key Mapper.

!! The normal, single FSX/P3D/XP11 'G'-key for toggling gear up/down does not work, because you need 2 separate keys: one key for gear-up, one key for gear-down.

7.      Inside X-plane and make sure you have the same 4 key-commands configured (in your Active Profile, if you use multiple profiles).

Go to Settings > Keyboard > Flight Controls > Basics >

·         Flaps down a notch    = 2

·         Flaps up a notch         = 1

·         Landing gear down    = Ctrl d

·         Landing gear up         = Ctrl u

Now, if I could only get the Outer-Middle-Inner (OMI) LEDs to work when doing ILS approach…then finally everything works. If anyone knows, plz let me know!

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