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Problems with setting up Opus live view

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I've got a 2 monitor system from which one monitor is my main VC/Scenery view and the other is build into my hardware panel, to show the basic-6 part of the VC panel. OpusFSI was advised to me so I could run each monitor from it's own computer and I'm curently testing this with the demo version.


I followed the single pc setup guide to setup my OpusFSI on my server PC and after that the network setup guide to connect both PCs. I can see in Opus that server and client connect and several functions in the client cockpit follow the functions used in the server cockpit, but not all.

Several Engine gauges are working, throttles, light switches, flaps, yoke, parking brakes and gear handle. So there is a connection and commands are being send and received, but all the other functions in the client cockpit wont follow their counterparts when used in the server cockpit.


I'm curently testing using the Carenado Skymaster.


What can I do to get all functions to work in the client cockpit?

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I've answered this already in response to your email.


Please do not post twice.




My email reply ...


You have been partly ill advised. It is not possible to relay every single sim parameter that can effect any aircraft panel. Only those parameters that effect the aircrafts attitude, main controls, and overall external appearance. If you think about it anything else is unlikely to be possible as it's the aircraft sim code that controls and interfaces with the user as far as the panel is concerned.


Hence, any panel views should be displayed on the main server system, the only 'flying' sim system. Live View should then be used to offload 'scenic' views (2D views with transparent cockpit) and if necessary external aircraft views.


Panel views and any VC views used to control the aircraft systems should be left on the main flying server system.



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