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No Audio with RC4

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I have been using RC4 for many years and have a strange problem.  FYI I am on a new computer.


RC4 installed and after entering the key I got the MSSTFMT.DLL error.  I resolved that and was able to load RC4. After that problem was solved no runtime errors.


When I went to press the key to get my clearance there is no audio. There is also no audio under the RC4 voices tab to set up the different controllers.


My computer will give audio on everything else whether in or out of FSX such as playing music or whatever.


RC4 will do the text display for the clearance. I have "pilot reply" checked. I am running 4.939n FSUIPC thinking that may be the issue.


I have tried using the FSX Default sound and voice device as well as the speakers I have connected to my sound card (SB Recon 3Di). FSX also offers that as a choice. Either way there is no sound.


My computer shows "NVIDIA High Definition Audio" and "SB Recond3Di" under Device Manager. Not sure what this means in terms of a possible issue.


Any help is appreciated.




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NVIDIA High Definition Audio normally drives the output to the HDMI ports for TVs with HDMI in and linked to theater systems.


RC puts out a mono signal as equal left and right stereo channels. You need to setup your default audio to the SB card I would think and in the SB driver settings choose stereo, not 7.1 FSX can use two sound cards as I believe that allows one audio output for ambiance and another for comms and pilot voices. RC's output just goes to the main .wav output in the Win mixer and does not use the mixer within FSX.


I would check your routing of your speaker plus to the speaker jacks and the driver assignments to them. As you did, use the RC voices tab to test.


Open the the command prompt in Win. Enter dxdiag. Alternately use the run command and enter dxdiag. Check the sound 1 tab noting which device is listed and run the test. Do the same with the sound 2 tab as well. That should give you a clue.



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