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Extreme FPS loss, FTX Vector

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I bought FTX global base and I was very happy with the improvement. I thought it could be a good idea to buy vector as addition to make my fsx perfect... but now I am in an extreme FPS losing situation when I fly over a city in the A2A C182 (for example vienna) it goes down to "stop motion". Complete unflyable. :-(


I use a geforce GTX 650ti and an AMD Quadcore with 4.2 GHz.

Maybe someone has a tweaking tipp? I know that I need new hardware, but maybe there is something that I can do now to keep flying.

My settings at this time are set to the mentioned one from the FTX Global Base manual.


Thank you!

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You can make use of the FTX Global Vector options menu, available via FTX Central.


Start by removing Tertiary roads and features, then play with the settings from there until you find a happy medium for your rig - I'd suggest you will need to remove Secondary roads as well as the roads and traffic are the big FPS killers in the sim. Do not allow road traffic to go beyond about 16-17% in the sim.

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Louisdecoolste, You are my hero of the month!


This did the trick, now I have my 182 back over some really great landscape (vector is really a joy now) with normal FPS, as before :-)


Thank you very much!

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This was my problem also, although not the same symptom. FTX Vector was the product that uncovered a major flaw in my system. I was not experiencing fps loss, but rather getting blue screens and system freezes. Turns out that my third Haswell delidding was a failure. I had inadvertently damaged some copper on the chip that was responsible for managing the pci express lanes. My PCI 3.0 x16 lane was throttled to x4, and I couldn't figure out why until I inspected the CPU. The extra load FTX vector put on my GPU saturated whatever was left of my PCI lanes and csused my blue screen. So obviously I had to create a new and safer way to delid!

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