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Slow loading FSX and Window Issue

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Hi Maarten,


Firstly, thanks for producing such a fine product!


I have a couple of issues which I hope can be resolved.


I notice when I launch FSX thru the "Fly Now" button, FSX takes ages to load up (around 2 mins approx) If I launch FSX from its default icon, it loads in around 30 seconds.


When it does finally load FSX (via the "Fly Now" button) FSX is running in the taskbar, but its no where to be seen on any of my four monitors. I also notice that if I go to the forum button within SLX, no browser window opens up or if a window is embedded in SLX nothing shows up.. Very Strange


I have several other programs running, FSK and STB etc and when I click on them in the taskbar, they appear on the screen, so not sure why FSX isn't showing up.


Many thanks for your help,


Chris Morgan,

PERTH, Western Australia

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Hi Chris,


Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about the FSX load times, that's just the way FSX works. All I do is run fsx.exe with the flight as a command line parameter. When using a flight as command line parameter, FSX seems to load the default flight first before it loads the flight given on the command line.


You can try to deselect '... accepts flight' in the profile settings. If you do that, SLX runs fsx.exe without a command line parameter and waits max 10 minutes until FSX is running and a SimConnect connection has been established (green 'traffic light' at the top right of the main window); when connected, SLX then sends the flight to FSX via SimConnect.


The missing FSX main window is a known issue, unrelated to SLX specifically, that can happen if it takes a long time for FSX to start. To recover the main FSX window, Shift + Right Click on the FSX taskbar icon and select 'Restore' or 'Maximise'.


The forum button (and e.g. the Info buttons on the Airports ribbon tab) opens the website in the Browser window (unless you deselect the 'Use built-in viewers' setting under Home|Settings|General). Please note that the Avsim forums sometimes suffer from a high load, page loading is very slow or you get a 503 error and then nothing seems to happen in the Browser window. You can always click on the Internet Explorer icon at the right side of the Browser window toolbar to open the site in your default browser.


thanks, Maarten

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Thanks for your reply Maarten.


Thanks for the windows tip. That one had me  baffeled, LoL.


As far as the slow loading times, i'll try your suggestion. i have put disablePreload tweak in my FSX.cfg file, but it still takes forever to load FSX when using the Fly Now button in SLX. I may also try renaming my default flight to Default.FLT and see if that speeds it up. I will also set FSX up to stop the initial welcome screen loading, so it "should" load straight to my default flight.


Cheers  Chris Morgan

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