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  1. Premier

    [Answered] Landing/Taxi lights

    OK Thanks Simbol....still all looks great at night ! 🙂
  2. Hi Simbol, I am using UTL, and I was doing some spotting at YPPH. during the evening. I notice that the QFA332 had a taxi light lighting its way, but the aircraft behind it, a QF 738W had no taxi light. All nav lights were working on both aircraft, as were the strobes. Does AI Lights reborn turn on the landing lights when the aircraft are lined up for T/O as I noticed none of the two aircraft had landing lights Many thanks Chris Morgan
  3. Thank you Mr Simbol for a truly magnificent FREEWARE application. It has made such a difference to my P3Dv4.4 airport scenery! Am very much looking forward to buying the professional edition. I had just a simple question. I am using UTL, and going to the UTL aircraft (say 738 folder) /aircraft.cfg, under the lights section it is showing as fx_strobe. Is this file somehow pointing to the fx_strobe effect file in the folder "X"/Program Files/AI Lights reborn free Edition/AI light Effects? or is it pointing to the fx_strobe in P3D/Effects folder? I notice there is no fx_FAIB_737/8 effect file in the folder "X"/Program Files/AI Lights reborn free Edition/AI light Effects. Is the effect file fx_strobe a generic one for all 73* Many thanks! Chris Morgan
  4. Premier

    New MS Flight Sim shown at E3

    Looks fantastic to me. As long as they keep keyboard/Joystick commands as per FSX and its not like the dismal MS Flight, I'd likely buy in. The only other issue is Im not buying all my addons again, so it will want to have accurately rendered aircraft out of the box, with nav systems all working etc
  5. Its OK Now, its sorted itself out somehow and now appears to be saving the last view in the LH Monitor Cheers Chris
  6. Hello there I have saved a flight with chaseplane running. Its just a pilot view on the main central monitor. I have a monitor that is to the physical left of the main monitor. I have opened new view/aircraft/left wing/undocked and dragged that window to the LH monitor. I then save the flight. On the next load of that saved flight, P3d loads the 2 saved windows (Flightdeck in centre monitor) but the LH monoitor displats a zoomed out VC, not the wing view I had saved. Listed under Views. in the P3D menu drop down, is ONBOARD (Chaseplane) View 00 and where the wing view is supposed to be is ONBOARD (Chaseplane) view 01 Was wondering if its possible to find the ONBOARD (Chaseplane) view 01 entry in the cfg and replace it with Left Overwing-View 01, which is my chosen wing view, as it's usually a permanent view I fly with all the time (Behind wing in LH monitor, ie) Many thanks!
  7. Thanks for your reply Glenn_C. I will follow these instructions and see if I can get rid of them! Thanks Chris
  8. I have downloaded the overlay editor and was wondering if there is a tutorial avail on how to delete the static aircraft that wont dissappear even when "show parked aircraft" is unchecked in XP11 I am referring to the file YPPH_Scenery_Package avail from X-Plane website If I dont use the above scenery package and just use the default Global airports YPPH, the static aircraft still remain even when "show parked aircraft" is unchecked in XP11 Cheers Chris
  9. Hello there, I have CP installed on P3Dv4.2 with a 2 monitor PC, a 21:9 for the flight deck and a 16:9 to the left of it that always displays the L/H wing view and any other GUI I have running in P3D.. I can save a flight in this situation using the additional "native in sim" views provided in the Camera def for the aircraft, but the Wing View is not to my liking. I have set up a CP wing view that is perfect for me, but there is no option to undock the window and have that view on the LH Monitor My question is does Chaseplane write the Camera co-ordinates for each view you have created in CP in a file somewhere on the PC?, If so I can hopefully just copy the co-ordinates of my CP created wing view and overwrite the existing native wing view that is in the Camera Definitions for that particular aircraft. That way I can save the scenario with the preferred wing view already opened on the LH monitor Many thanks, Chris
  10. Thanks Simbol for your reply, looking fwd to the pro edition :-) Cheers Chris
  11. Thanks Simbol for your speedy reply. It seems a lot of my AI aircraft are using (for the strobes) fx_strobe and other generic fx_navwhi, fx_beacon effects etc. These modified files have also been included in your package, I assume to cater to "All" AI aircraft? I see there is FAIB_* effects as well for FAIB specific models. The reason I ask is I have FAIB models in my FTX AI package, but in the lights section, the effects are not being referenced to the FAIB specific effects in your package, only to the generic fx_strobe and other generic fx_navwhi, fx_beacon effects Do I need to point these FAIB aircraft (in my package) to your FAIB effects? Are FAIB aircraft models different in some way? Thanks Chris
  12. Hi Simbol. Firstly thanks for a fantastic freeware package. The improvements are dramatic, loving the reflections on the ground and A/C from the strobes on some aircraft. I dont have a full AI package (like UT2, MT etc) installed yet, but am using the FTX AI package, which is aircraft that service AU Basically and includes a lot of models and liveries When I installed the FTX package, I didnt want all the AI aircraft in /Simobjects/Airplanes, so I created a folder in Airplanes called FTX AI Aircaft (Certified for p3Dv4) and they are all in there (Simobjects/Airplanes/FTX AI Aircraft). I added them to the simobject.cfg file and they all show up great in traffic. Can I assume that the FSReborn effects will be applied to the AI aircraft in that folder (Simobjects/Airplanes/FTX AI Aircraft) or should I move the whole AI folder to P3Dv4.2 addons? I did a default install of FSReborn AI package, under C:\Program Files, and I see all the fx files there as well as the Texture folder within, but I also note that those textures also got copied to the default P3D4.2 Effects folder (I didn't touch that folder or overwrite anything, LoL) Is there supposed to be duplication? My last question is I notice that the 737 series sports double "airbus" strobes. When I go to the 737-800 in FTX AI Aircraft, I see below: light.2 = 2, -20.422, -55.712, 4.857, fx_strobe light.3 = 2, -20.422, 55.712, 4.857, fx_strobe light.4 = 1, -5.242, 0, -4.21, fx_beacon light.5 = 1, 1.10, 0, 9.567, fx_beacon light.6 = 3, -26.315, 55.062, 4.698, fx_navwhi light.7 = 3, -26.315, -55.062, 4.698, fx_navwhi light.8 = 2, -69.309, 0, 7.650, fx_strobe It appears that most of the aircraft in the FTX AI folder (FAIB aircraft included) are not referencing your effect package on my install I can of course manually change them all, but wanted to know if one of your effects is a single pulse strobe, so it can be applied to Boeings (for example can I use the file "fx_FAIB_7673_strobe" for the 737 wing strobes? Thanks once again for your work, will look at upgrading to the pro version if I can get this sorted out Many thanks, Cheers Chris Perth, Western Australia
  13. Premier

    Starting Chaseplane minimised?

    Thanks chaps, I got it sorted now. When I looked at the Autolaunch panel it appeared that the P3Dv4 icon was enabled from the angle of the monitor I have the GUI on, so to get around it, I set it up in FSUIPC. When I revisited the autolaunch panel, I freshly clicked on P3Dv4 just as a test, and sure enough as you mentioned planenut, it now runs with P3Dv4. It just wasnt enabled in the Autolaunch Panel, despite looking like it was. Sorry about that 😞
  14. Hi there. I have Chaseplane set to start up with P3dV4.2 through [Programs] in FSUIPC . I tend to fly only 1 or 2 different aircraft, have my cameras all set up, so was wondering if its possible to start chaseplane minimised, as each time I start P3D I have to minimise it manually, and would be useful if it started up minimised Thanks Chris
  15. Hi Keven, and thanks for your quick reply. I must be doing something wrong here. I originally set up some static views on the airfield in the "Static" column. When I right click the view in the "Static" column, there is no option to assign it to a button on the flightstick. So I created the same view this time using the "Outside" column. Right clicking the view now reveals "Assign Button" "Assign Key" All good there. I assign the view to POV Hat on the flightstick (When I click the button it shows POV1 (90 Degrees?) and click the green tick. When I return to the sim, even after resarting CP, the pan function dosnt work. Thinking it may be a conflict with FSX controls, I left 'Enable controller" ticked in FSX, but deleted every assignment bar the "Pan view" which works as normal, when ChasePlane is not running As soon as I fire up CP and select an "Outside view" preset, the POV hat no longer pans Many Thanks Chris Morgan