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Air Alaska Install Fail, Problems with SimConnect...Looking for Solution

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What Version of SimConnect Should I Have? What is ESP SimConnect?

I recently purchased Air Alaska addon mission set. Had a SimConnect error on install. Install completed.


I can run the interface and it launches FSX but after a minute or so my FSX does a CTD.


I have worked with the developers extensively to see if we can resolve the problem. I appears to be my version of SimConnect.


In my Programs listing I have a listing for:

Microsoft ESP SimConnect Client v1.0.20.0


The Air Alaska developers wondered why I had this version?

"Hmm, I wonder if it’s the ESP version of SimConnect that’s the problem. It’s definitely an older version of the API, and it was installed as a separate product with some of the same files so it’s possible that’s the source of the issue. In theory, for FSX (and P3D when using interop with FSX content) you should be using the Microsoft Flight Simulator SimConnect Client instead, but I’ d like to understand where the ESP version came from before asking you to remove it and replace it with the FSX version. Do you have any idea how you got an ESP install?"


I thought that this SimConnect came with FSX SDK.


Here is the developers recommendation:

"If it were me, I’d try uninstalling ESP SimConnect and then install the version we shipped with Air Alaska. In theory, the version we shipped is what’s “supposed” to work with FSX with Acceleration; the ESP version wasn’t meant for FSX, wasn’t tested with FSX by Microsoft, and probably shouldn’t have been shipped as part of a consumer product to begin with. There are two things I can say for certain, though:

· It’s possible that uninstalling ESP will break whatever add-on installed it to begin with, and

· Uninstalling EPS may not even fix the problem we’re trying to solve (it probably will, but I can’t say for certain)


I do not understand this stuff. Can anyone advise me on the best course of action? Should I remove the ESP version of SimConnect and install another?


I have posted over at but that site is sometimes limited in its reader base, and I know there is a great pool of talent monitoring these forums.


Any help or recommendations would be welcome.



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Yes, there should be no ESP version of SC on your computer, just FSX versions.Try an un-install of that, and then follow the developers recommendations.

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I decided to follow the developers recommendations as you also concur.


After a cold reboot, I now have Air Alaska successfully launched.


Thanks for your followup.




A fellow over at FS Developer suggested it might be related to an install of P3D.  I double checked and I bought and installed V1 P3D back in May of 2012. Since the date of installs match with the date listed with the date of ESP SC I probably can safely assume that was the issue.


thanks again.

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