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Airbus A330-200 Strobe Lights Question.

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I Downloaded an American Airlines A330-200 from avsim. Aircraft works great with one small exception. The strobe lights work but they flash where they aren't supposed to. They flash above the wing instead of where they normally are located.


Here is the link to the aircraft i down loaded


I downloaded the aircraft at the top of the page that was added on 2/19/2015



Here are the lights settings in the aircraft config.


Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing
light.1  = 1,    7.800,   0.000,  -5.500, fx_beaconb ,
light.2  = 1,    0.200,   0.000,  14.500, fx_beaconh ,
light.3  = 4,   73.000,   0.000,   8.000, fx_vclight  ,
light.4  = 2,  -40.200, -93.100,  13.380, Opensky_airbus_strobe ,
light.5  = 2,  -40.200,  93.100,  13.380, Opensky_airbus_strobe ,
//light.6  = 5,   18.000,  27.000,  -4.000, Opensky_wing_light,
//light.7  = 5,   19.933,   8.827,  -4.368, Opensky_wing_light,
//light.8  = 5,   18.000, -27.000,  -4.000, Opensky_wing_light,
//light.9  = 5,   19.933,  -8.827,  -5.368, Opensky_wing_light,
//light.10 = 5,   19.700,  19.000,  -6.000, Opensky_nacelle_refl,
//light.11 = 5,   19.700, -19.000,  -6.000, Opensky_nacelle_refl,
light.12 = 3, -111.900,   0.000,  11.420, Opensky_nav_yellow ,
light.13 = 2, -111.900,   0.100,  11.300, fx_strobeh ,


If someone can tell me what i need to change to make the strobe lights flash where they are supposed to that would be amazing. Thanks for the help in advance.

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That is the old Project Opensky model with flexing wings. Unfortunately at the time they didn't hard code the strobe lights to the wings themselves. As a result once the aircraft is airborne, you'll see the strobes in the proper place on the wing. On the ground, they will float around and there is nothing that can be done to rectify it. It's a huge petpeeve of mine as well so I've not installed any A330's into my FS9.


I'm still eagerly awaiting the Project Airbus A330 which will have accurate Airbus double strobes among other cool features. 

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Cool any idea when that will come out?


I do not. Project Airbus tends to take their time when it comes to releases. The A330/340 series has been under development since 2012 so I don't suppose it'll take too long but you never know. The wait is always well worth it so I don't mind. I've waited many years for a decent model, what's a bit more?

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